Archie Roe (Flathead) - 2008

Archie Roe
Kalispell, MT
Saturday, May 3, 2008

3200 Meters - Boys JV

Patrick McGunagle, 11 Whitefish 11:32.2 (splits: 2:35, 2:47, 2:58, 3:12)

3200 Meters - Boys Varsity

1. Drew Coco, 11 Whitefish 9:39.8 (9:40.20 Auto-timed) (splits: 4:58.9, 4:40.9)

3200 Meters - Girls JV

. Kelly Beiser, 11 Whitefish 13:40.5 (splits: 6:43, 6:57)

3200 Meters - Girls Varsity

2. Lauren Kuennen, 12 Whitefish 11:39.3 (11:39.53 auto-timed) (splits: 1:16, 1:28, 1:31, 1:33, 1:28, 1:32, 1:32, 1:19)
8. Clare Miller, 12 Whitefish 12:36.7 (splits: 1:21, 1:30, 1:36, 1:38, 1:40, 1:42, 1:38, 1:31)
9. Loni Hanson, 10 Whitefish 12:40.4 (splits: 1:21, 1:30, 1:36, 1:38, 1:40, 1:42, 1:38, 1:35)

800 Meters - Boys Frosh

. Baxter Graham, 9 Whitefish 2:26.7 (splits: 1:10.5, 1:16.2)
. Tucker Chambers, 9 Whitefish 2:39.6 (splits: 1:18.6, 1:21.0)
. Dietrich Perchy, 9 Whitefish 2:40.7 (splits: 1:14.7, 1:26.0)
. Chris Reyna, 9 Whitefish 2:48.9 (splits: 1:23.1, 1:25.8)

800 Meters - Boys Varsity

8. Michael Samdahl, 12 Whitefish 2:10.6 (splits: 1:02.5, 1:08.1)

800 Meters - Girls JV

6. Natalie Kearns, 11 Whitefish 2:40.2 (splits: 1:16.8, 1:23.4)

1600 Meters - Boys Frosh

. Baxter Graham, 9 Whitefish 5:29.6 (splits: 1:13.7, 1:24.0, 1:31.1, 1:20.8)
. Tucker Chambers, 9 Whitefish 5:57.6 (splits: 1:22.7, 1:33.2, 1:34.0, 1:27.7)
. Dietrich Perchy, 9 Whitefish 6:11.6 (splits: 1:21.8, 1:36.1, 1:33.8, 1:39.9)
. Chris Reyna, 9 Whitefish 6:21.9 (splits: 1:26.9, 1:41.3, 1:45.1, 1:28.3)

1600 Meters - Boys Varsity

1. Drew Coco, 11 Whitefish 4:27.7 (4:28.01 auto-timed) (splits: 1:07.1, 1:08.4, 1:08.8, 1:03.4)

1600 Meters - Girls JV

2. Loni Hanson, 10 Whitefish 5:53.1 (splits: 1:20, 1:31, 1:34, 1:28)
. Kelly Beiser, 11 Whitefish 6:12.4 (splits: 1:29, 1:38, 1:38, 1:27)

1600 Meters - Girls Varsity

1. Lauren Kuennen, 12 Whitefish 5:28.5 (5:28.95 auto-timed) (splits: 1:20.4, 1:28.7, 1:24.8, 1:14.6)
7. Bailey Eaton, 9 Whitefish 5:43.6 (splits: 1:21.5, 1:28.7, 1:30.4, 1:23.0)
. Clare Miller, 12 Whitefish 5:52.5 (splits: 1:22.4, 1:28.4, 1:30.5, 1:30.5)

Comments on the Meet
By DIXIE KNUTSON/The Daily Inter Lake

Coco and Torgison. Torgison and Coco.

Whitefish's Drew Coco and Polson's Logan Torgison have traded distance race victories all season long. The seniors didn't disappoint Saturday - treating spectators at the Archie Roe Invitational to a pair of duels in the 1,600 and 3,200.

Coco won both (4:28.01 and 9:40.2), but neither came easily.

He and Torgison traded the lead in both races - the two of them well ahead of the rest of the field.

"I wasn't going to lead it this time, because there are some good runners in this field," Coco said of the afternoon 1,600.

"So what I was going to plan to do was draft (Torgison), just hang right behind him, have him carry me through the first half of the race or so, then take the lead and put the nail in the coffin," Coco said.

What happened, though, was Coco wound up leading the first 2 1/4 laps.

It wasn't until the third lap that Torgison made a move.

"I knew he was going to make a move sometime in there, and usually I tend to get tired third lap, and that's right when he took the lead," Coco said.

It didn't last long.

"I tried to go for it, but my legs didn't have it today," Torgison said.

"I was going to try to lead, but Drew just took it over," he added.

At that point, Coco said he just wanted to stick with the Pirate.

"I knew if I could save some for the final kick I could take it," he said.

"He was worried the pace might not be fast enough," Whitefish assistant coach Bill Brist said of Coco's 1,600 run.

"He's lucky he has a good competitor like Logan Torgison that's always going to go out there and fight every inch of the way," the coach said.

On the team front, the Flathead boys scored 121 points to run away with the meet.

Missoula Big Sky was a distant second at 56 and Hamilton was third at 49. Among local teams, Whitefish was fourth, Glacier sixth, Bigfork, Libby and Polson tied for seventh, Columbia Falls was 11th, and Eureka was 13th.

On the girls' side, Missoula Big Sky was dominant. It scored 148 1/3 points, followed by Missoula Hellgate with 77 and Glacier with 53 1/3.

Polson was fourth, Whitefish fifth, Flathead sixth, Columbia Falls seventh, Bigfork 11th, Eureka 12th and Libby 17th.

Local girls who pocketed wins Saturday were Whitefish's Lauren Kuennen in the 1,600 (5:28.95), Glacier's Heather Fraley in the 3,200 (11:36.0) and Flathead's Ally Krautbauer in the long jump (16-8 1/2).

Local boys with wins were Flathead's Mike Kozlowski in the 100 (11.35), Charlie Dotson in the 200 (23.32), Chris Ruby (12-6) in pole vault and Josh Harris in shot (50-1 1/2), Whitefish's Anto Daoud in the 400 (51.08) and Aaron Tkachyk in the long jump (20-9 1/2), Libby's Seth Wright in high jump (6-5), and Columbia Falls Nathan Klug in discus (156-5).

For Flathead boys' coach Dan Hodge, the day marked a ton of improvement.

"What was nice about the day, the weather cooperated," Hodge said. "It wasn't so hot - it was a warm day with cloud cover."

Harris had his best put of the year, Ruby and Conor Foley had their best days to go 1-2 in pole vault, the sprinters scored 14 points in the 100 and 18 in the 200, and the 1,600 relay team turned in its best time of the year.

On top of that, youngsters who hadn't scored all year stepped up big on Saturday.

"We had three places in discus - and all three are over the 145-mark. That's good," Hodge said.

"Good win for the kids," he said.

Flathead girls' coach Kirtlye Lohof also liked what she saw from the Bravettes.

"They performed well," she said.

"We had lots of personal bests and good attitudes."

Sixth place was marked improvement from what the Bravettes managed at the Missoula Invitational.

"It's creeping up," she said of the team score.

Lohof complimented the efforts of Krautbauer and Kelsie Norwood. In addition to her win in long jump, Krautbauer placed third in high jump, while Norwood was fourth in triple jump.

"Things ran pretty smooth," Lohof said. "We got done in a little bit timelier fashion than last year. We had good competition. It was a nice day to compete, weather-wise."

Distance runners excel at Archie Roe meet

By RICHARD HANNERS / Whitefish Pilot

Whitefish distance runners continued to do well in track and field competitions, as both Drew Coco and Lauren Kuennen raced to victories at the Archie Roe Invitational in Kalispell on Saturday. The weather was sunny and cool, which aided the runners.

"The weather was terrific, excellent, almost ideal," Bulldog head coach Derek Schulz said.

Coco, a junior, traded leads with Polson's Logan Torgison in both the 1,600 and 3,200, but Coco came away the victor in both races. He ran the 1,600 in 4:28.01 and the 3,200 in 9:40.2, defeating Torgison by six seconds in the first race and seven seconds in the second.

"Drew set a Whitefish school record for the 3,200," Schulz said. "He already held the school record for the 1,600."

Schulz said Coco, who is among the top-three distance runners in the state, ran "an incredibly smart race."

"It was a spectacle to watch," Schulz said.

Kuennen, a senior, won the 1,600 race in 5:28.95 but took second in the 3,200 in 11:39.53. She was three seconds behind Glacier's Heather Fraley.

"She came in second in the 3,200, but it was a Whitefish school record," Schulz said. "She's an amazing runner. She's made so many improvements this year."

Schulz split the credit for Kuennen's success to Kuennen herself and distance-coach Bill Brist.

"She's put in a lot of off-season practice time," Schulz said.

All told, the Bulldog teams took home five firsts, four seconds and one fourth-place finish at the tournament.

The Whitefish boys took fourth place with 45 points to first-place Flathead's 121. Hamilton came in third with 49 points. Five Bulldogs placed at the tournament.

Aaron Tkachyk, a junior, took first in the long jump with a 20-9 1/2 leap.

"He's been jumping consistently," Schulz said. "Aaron is one of the few in Western Class A to consistently jump more than 20 feet."

In the high jump, Colt Idol, a junior, cleared 6-1 and came in fourth. The winning jump was by Seth Wright of Libby, at 6-5. Schulz said Idol has cleared 6-4, but he's had a slow start this season due to injuries from basketball.

The Whitefish girls team captured fifth place with 42 points, to dominating first-place Big Sky's 148 1/3. Polson was in fourth place with 45 points.

The Lady Bulldogs placed in five events, including taking second in the 1,600 relay at 4:16.55. The winning Big Sky team finished the race in 4:15.84.

Ashley Ferda, a senior, took second place in two events. She ran the 100 hurdles in 15.96 seconds, losing to Big Sky's Lindsey Hall at 15.61.

"She's running the hurdles really well," Schulz said of the two-time state champion.

Ferda also took second in the javelin with a 127-1 throw, behind Plains' Ashton Vulles at 129-4.

"That was a tremendous throw by Ashley -- her personal best," Schulz said. "She's thrown over 120 feet in the past, but not this year."