NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon - 2008

Brooklyn Half Marathon
Coney Island to Prospect Park - Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, May 3, 2008

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Well, it was a humbling experience. Perhaps one of those races that I can look back at and say "losing builds character". Or maybe I'll just try to forget it happened in the first place...

Not that I'm really surprised. I didn't know about the race until a few days ago. Apparently, I signed myself up for it some time last year, thinking that I would be in good enough shape to do it. I wasn't.

All of the half marathons (and probably some of the other races) are now done by seed times and assigned corals. This is good if your seed time is accurate, but mine was not. I was in the first coral, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep that pace, but I stayed there anyway. I am stupid. (<--- that's kind of a theme for this race)

Started out fast. Of course. Died miserably at about mile 5 (or sooner), and basically jogged the rest of the way. The race started out on Coney Island, and we ran for a couple of miles along the boardwalk, which was kind of cool. The boards are loose, and it sounds like a stampede as we ran, since there were 5,000 people running in the race. Then we just went north through Brooklyn until we got to Prospect Park. I've never been there before, and it's actually a nice place. I will probably run there once I move to Brooklyn next year. Unfortunately, Prospect Park has the nasty ability to break the laws of physics.... it's uphill both ways. I don't konw how it does it, but it managed. We did a complete loop, which was about 3 miles, and I swear we were always going up.

Needless to say, that didn't really help my time much. I'm happy that I didn't get an average in the 8's. I suppose my time is better than it could have been. There was a lot of potential for an extremely disastrous race, and it only turned out to be kind of disastrous.

Anyway... I have splits. Depressing splits, but.... Perhaps they can be used as a teaching tool - "What NOT to do in a half marathon".

Mile Number Time
1 6:23
2 6:31
3 6:41
4 6:41
5 6:56
6 7:15
7 7:28
8 7:31
9 7:37
10 7:49
11 8:17
12 7:41
13 7:50
13.1 0:46
Total 1:35:34