Cut Bank Invitational - 2005

Cut Bank Invitational
Cut Bank Golf Course
Sept. 16, 2005

Girls Results

3. Beth Donovan, 9 - 20:37
5. Anne Danczyk, 11 - 20:49
8. Clare Miller, 10 - 21:20
13. Lauren Kuennen, 10 - 22:19
14. Janna Rozar, 11 - 22:21
18. Loie Russell-Templeton, 11 - 22:50
28. Natalie Kearns, 9 - 23:54
32. Holly Cullen, 11 - 24:50
35. Megan Shaver, 9 - 25:35
36. Stephanie Woodbeck, 12 - 25:49
37. Mary Kohnstamm, 11 - 26:03
44. Ashleigh Hustwaite, 10 - 27:27
45. Carly Hendrix, 9 - 27:31
46. Danielle Rogers, 11 - 27:44

Girls Team Results

1. Whitefish 43
2. Cut Bank 57
3. Browning 70
4. Shelby 74
Valier - no score
Heart Butte - no score

Boys Results

5. Ian Mallams, 11 - 16:51
8. Drew Coco, 9 - 17:37
13. Erik Anderson, 10 - 17:54
17. Jacob Fern, 11 - 18:16
21. Blake Bjornson, 11 - 18:40
24. Joseph Alexander, 11 - 19:03
29. Austin Troiano, 12 - 19:15
30. Dylan Rice, 10 - 19:16
31. Nick Donovan, 10 - 19:19
33. Michael Harrison, 10 - 19:31
37. Daniel Holland, 12 - 19:45
42. Pat McGonagle, 9 - 20:18
43. Joseph Guerri, 10 - 20:22
44. Jon Cameron, 10 - 20:27
54. Jared Barton, 11 - 22:04
57. Shane Hanson, 11 - 22:27
60. Luke Knight, 11 - 22:59
61. Dan Gibbs, 10 - 23:03
62. Gentry Darkenwald, 9 - 23:08
69. Brandon Karschnik, 10 - 25:32
70. Erik Swanson, 11 - 25:33

Boys Team Results

1. Browning 19
2. Whitefish 64
3. Cut Bank 88
4. Shelby 122
Heart Butte - no score

Comments on the Meet:

The Whitefish High School boys and girls cross country teams headed to Cut Bank last Friday to compete in the Cut Bank Invitational. Although the meet is a bit smaller in overall numbers then the past two, it was not much smaller in the level of competition provided by the other teams in attendance.

Whenever you go into a competition with the likes of Browning, Cut Bank, and Heart Butte you know you're going to need to compete at you're best. The five other teams in attendance are all traditionally strong programs with 42 State team cross country championship between them. We're still building towards our first.

I'd like to think that we're surprising people a bit, this season, with our improvement. Both of our teams have become quite competitive, and both would love to become a team that has the opportunity to compete for the top team honor at the events that we attend.

The girls team did just that with their team victory. Even though the course was a very challenging one, the girls seemed to handle both the course and the competition very well. Freshman Beth Donovan worked her way up to our top runner by the second mile, and ended up as our top finisher in third place with a time of 20:37. She looked fantastic the entire way. I'm sure that she'll be under the 20-minute mark within the next two meets if she continues to improve, as she has.

Anne Danczyk had another strong run finishing in fifth place, twelve seconds behind Beth. Anne is our competitive leader every race. There may be runners that run faster in these races, but none put in as much heart as Anne does. She hasn't finished a race where she has been able to watch her teammates cross the line. Usually, she's put in so much that it takes a bit of time for her to get 20/20 vision back. Her style of racing is very inspiring.

Although the top two provide the sparks, it's the rest of the team that provide the chance for team success. At this race, Clare Miller ran fantastic to place eighth in 21:20. Lauren Kuennen and Janna Rozar finished in 13th and 14th to seal the win for the Lady Bulldogs. Having Beth and Anne up front helps us a lot, but it will be the improvement of our next three (Clare, Lauren and Janna) that will really dictate how good of a team we will ultimately become by the end of the season. I'm confident that these three will continue to improve to the point that they are within 30 seconds of our team leader. That would make us a very competitive team.

Loie Russell-Templeton and Natalie Kearns both had strong races in our number 6 and 7 positions, and continue to improve Their continued efforts to close the gap on our top five will give us the depth that we will need to have success in the larger meets.

The boys team didn't come away with a team win, but when you go up against the three-time defending State champion (twenty state championships in all and favored to make it twenty-one this year), you're going to get all you can handle. They did manage to come away with a second place team finish and that was very satisfying.

For me, as a coach, it's very rewarding watching this boys team compete. They are a group of fighters out there. They all want to improve, and they all want success. Those are two of the main ingredients needed to produce a strong team of cross country runners. On this weekend last year we had two runners complete the race under twenty minutes, this year we had eleven. Last season it wasn't until the divisional championship that we had our top five scorers finishing under 19 minutes. At this meet our number five runner, Blake Bjornson ran 18:40.

Ian Mallams really went out after it today. He was with the leaders for much of the way. Running with three of Browning's top runners can be a bit intimidating, but Ian handled it well as he finished fifth in the competitive event. His finishing time was 16:51 for the hilly 3 mile course.

Freshman Drew Coco came through with another great race finishing in eighth place in 17:37. Drew continues to impress me with his ability to move through the field all the way to the finish. He wasn't done passing other runners until he crossed the line. He actually passed a runner at the line to earn the eighth finishing position by 3/10th's of a second.

Erik Anderson (13th in 17:54) and Jacob Fern (17th in 18:16) both had strong races, as well. These two continue to get stronger and faster, and that will continue to move them up in the field. I'm looking forward to seeing even more improvement from these two through the rest of the season.

The rest of the group led by Blake Bjornson, and Joseph Alexander offer the most excitement for the future of the boy's program. These two along with Austin Troiano, Dylan Rice, Nick Donovan, Michael Harrison and Daniel Holland are the heart of our team, as they are so close, competitively. We just don't know who's going to round out the top seven until after each race. They all want to be part of that top seven, and they just plain go after it.