Northwest A Divisional Championships - 2005

Northwest A Divisional Championships
Silver Fox Golf Course, Ronan
October 15, 2005

Girl's Team Results

1. Ronan - 29
2. Whitefish - 47
3. Polson - 92
4. Columbia Falls - 119
Bigfork - no score
Libby - no score

Girl's Individual Results

4. Beth Donovan - 20:03 All Conference Team
7. Clare Miller - 20:46 All Conference Team
11.Lauren Kuennen - 21:17
12. Janna Rozar - 21:18
13. Anne Danczyk - 21:21
17. Loie Russell-Templeton - 21:51
19. Cassie Schell - 21:58
25. Natalie Kearns - 22:39
33. Megan Shaver - 23:20
40. Carly Hendrix - 24:43
42. Ashley Hustwaite - 25:22
43. Holly Cullen - 25:27
47. Mary Kohnstamm - 25:58
48. Stephanie Woodbeck - 26:02

Boy's Team Results

1. Ronan - 31
2. Whitefish - 55
3. Polson - 80
4. Columbia Falls - 90
5. Libby - 108
Bigfork - no score

Boy's Individual Results

3. Ian Mallams - 16:29 All Conference Team
4. Drew Coco - 16:41 All Conference Team
15. Kellen Bodily - 17:43
16. Blake Bjornson - 17:43
17. Jacob Fern - 17:44
19. Joseph Alexander - 17:48
20. Austin Troiano - 17:50
23. Michael Harrison - 17:57
28. Nick Donovan - 18:12
29. Erik Anderson - 18:12
30. Dylan Rice - 18:21
35. Dan Holland - 18:41
36. Jon Cameron - 18:50
41. Joey Guerri - 19:08
43. Patrick McGunagle - 19:22
53. Brandon Karschnik - 20:59
54. Luke Knight - 21:15
55. Jared Barton - 21:16
57. Shane Hanson - 21:30
58. Gentry Darkenwald - 22:59
60. Erik Swanson - 23:34

Comments on the Meet:

During the bus ride to the Northwestern A Championship hosted by Ronan High School there wasn't a whole lot of noise. Even though twenty-two boys and fourteen girls were physically prepared for the competition, there may have been uncertainty in the minds of most. Last season at this meet we escaped with a third on the girl's side, and a fifth on the boy's side. This season the goals were higher, and all that was left to do was to run the race.

The Bulldog boy's team was first to toe the line, and in less than eighteen minutes everyone in attendance realized that Whitefish team was a different one than last season. Ian Mallams and Drew Coco led the green and gold charge to the finish chute with their places of third (16:29) and fourth (16:41). By finishing in the top seven, both earned All Conference honors for they're efforts.

It was a typical run for Ian and Drew. Luckily for us, typical is usually very, very good. Having two runners so near the front definitely helps us out in the team scoring.

It took just over a minute to get an idea of how the Bulldogs would finish up as a team. It was a blanket of yellow (the color of our racing uniform tops) as the rest of the Whitefish team sprinted to the finish. Runners 3-4-5 finished within the span of a second in 15, 16, and 17th positions. And if that wasn't enough, Joseph Alexander and Austin Troiano finished within seconds in the 19th and 20th positions.

Last season, the boys had one finisher in the top twenty, this season all seven finished there. Maybe more impressive was the fact that we had 11 of the top 30 finishers. I was extremely proud of how these young men competed today. We not may have won the meet, but we certainly had a large presence in the competition.

The Lady Bulldogs were up next and they were primed for their race after watching the boys run. Freshman Beth Donovan went up against a couple of the state's better runners. What she may not have been prepared for was going up against a couple of hornet bees, which stung her twice in the ankle during the race. Most runners may have packed it in right then. Beth stopped removed the bees and started after the front runners. She ended up finishing fourth in 20:03. Good enough to earn All Conference honors.

Clare Miller had a fantastic race as she finished in the top seven to earn All Conference, as well. Clare has improved quite a bit this year. It's been fun watching her reach her level of success. It just shows that off-season training and dedication does pay off. I'm really excited to see what she can do this coming weekend at State.

Less than a thirty seconds later, the rest of the team's scorers crossed the finish line. Lauren Kuennen, Janna Rozar and Anne Danczyk finished in 11th, 12, and 13th places in the three-mile race to put all five Lady Bulldog scorers in the top 13. Loie Russell-Templeton and Cassie Schell both finished in the top twenty, as well.

I think that both of these teams have given notice that they are ready to compete at the State Championships, which will be held in Missoula on Saturday. Last season the girl's team had a great meet ending up with an eighth place finish. This season they'll fight it out with Miles City, Lewiston and Sidney for a chance at a state trophy. Ronan and Havre should fight it out for the State Team Championship, but for us to even be in the company of these great teams gives us great confidence.

The boy's team goes into the state championships looking to show that they have the opportunity to finish high in the standings as well. Last season, they finished 17th at the State Championship. Ronan, Dillon, Browning and Harding should battle it out for the boy's team championship. That leaves Whitefish to outrun Laurel, Havre and Hamilton for the final top five spot. Anything better than 17th would be a improved finish, but it would be nice to see this team continue to surprise everyone with their competitiveness.