Divisionals - 2011

Northwestern A Divisional Championships
Polson Country Club
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boys Team Results

1. Whitefish 52
2. Polson 59
3. Columbia Falls 63
4. Frenchtown 76
5. Libby 103

Boys Individual Results:

2. Fischer Gangemi, 11 Whitefish 17:04 (All Conference)
4. Jace Kalbfleisch, 11 Whitefish 17:08 (All Conference)
12. Will Holdhusen, 12 Whitefish 17:59
16. Keaton Grove, 9 Whitefish 18:09
18. Elias Taylor, 11 Whitefish 18:11
22. Caleb Knox, 10 Whitefish 18:38
23. Thomas Henson, 10 Whitefish 18:48
24. Brandon Maassen, 10 Whitefish 18:50
25. Waylon Roberts, 11 Whitefish 19:03
26. Christian Newby, 9 Whitefish 19:08
29. Tanner Brock, 10 Whitefish 19:20
35. Henry Holt, 10 Whitefish 19:54
43. Zach Blumhardt, 11 Whitefish 20:55
44. Seth Corne, 10 Whitefish 20:57
45. Ian Cameron, 11 Whitefish 21:08
52. Adrien Leroux, 9 Whitefish 22:44
54. Spencer Hale, 11 Whitefish 23:01

Girls Team Results:

1. Polson 37
2. Columbia Falls 38
3. Whitefish 55
4. Frenchtown 100
5. Libby no score

Individual results:

5. Nicole Brist, 12 Whitefish 21:09 (All Conference)
6. Maya Gordon, 10 Whitefish 21:14 (All Conference)
13. Peyton Twete, 9 Whitefish 22:23
15. Emma Marchetti, 11 Whitefish 22:33
16. Rebecca Holdhusen, 10 Whitefish 22:41
19. Autumn Fisher, 11 Whitefish 23:12
20. Torrey Coe, 10 Whitefish 23:18
21. Andrea Lamoureaux, 11 Whitefish 23:20
24. Samantha Eason, 11 Whitefish 23:31
25. Nicole Birk, 12 Whitefish 23:35
26. Ella Kobelt, 10 Whitefish 24:27
27. Claire Venery, 11 Whitefish 24:36
28. Alyssa Griffith, 10 Whitefish 24:42
31. Elsa Dodds, 10 Whitefish 26:33
33. Kirstine Christian, 12 Whitefish 26:47
34. Taylor Bodway, 10 Whitefish 27:39


"The boys team did a great job of competing within a tough field of runners. It was a great battle for the top spot and we were fortunate to come out on top. Polson and Columbia Falls both have really strong teams this season. Both Frenchtown and Libby have great individuals, as well. Winning the Conference title was a major goal of ours, and I know that our boys were happy to achieve it."

"Fischer Gangemi and Jace Kalbfleisch ran very well. They worked their way through the lead group to finish in second and fourth place, with both earning All Conference honors."

"With this strong finish up front, we had an edge in the team scoring as all the teams were similar in strength in the main part of the pack."

"Will Holdhusen had a nice race, as well. He finished in 12th position. It was his best race of the season. I was impressed with his ability to work his way up through the pack on the tough course."

"Keaton Grove, Elias Taylor and Thomas Henson were just behind him to give us what we needed to finish in first place as a team."

"Caleb Knox had a fantastic race to earn his spot on the state team. He's been coming on strong at the end of the season. He just edged out Waylon Roberts and Brandon Maassen for that final racing spot for the upcoming state meet team."

"The girls team ended up in third place. We were hoping to compete for the overall title, but just didn't have the race we needed to come out on top. I felt the girls still ran very well, on a real tough course, but Polson and Columbia Falls did a great job to finish ahead of us."

"Nicole Brist and Maya Gordon led us with their fifth and sixth place finishes. They both were named all-conference with their efforts."

"Nicole went out after the leader and it probably cost her in the final placings, but I was happy to see her take a chance to compete with the best. She held on pretty well. Those runners in front of her are all great runners."

"Maya had the race of the meet. She has improved a ton this season. Last year she was 20th at this meet. She dedicated herself to running a lot since then, including a solid summer of running, and that has really paid off for her. I'm very proud of everything that she has accomplished. She's a great example to our entire team."

"Peyton Twete, Emma Marchetti and Rebecca Holdhusen all had nice races to help us in the team scoring."

"Autumn Fisher and Torrey Coe rounded out our top seven and will also compete at the state meet this coming weekend."

"The final meet of the season is the one that we want to run our absolute best in. That would be the State Championship event. It's our goal to have all of our runners to run their best on that one day. The competition this year for both the boys and girls is especially tough. It's hard to predict how well we may finish. Last year, we had a lot of success finishing first for the girls and second for the boys. I'm not sure if we can reach those levels this year. We want to compete at our best and see how we stack us with the rest of the teams in the state. If we run at our best, as a coach, I'll be happy with our results."