Divisionals - 2013

Northwestern A Conference Championship
Whitefish Lake Golf Course
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Boys Team Results:

1. Whitefish 22
2. Frenchtown 64
3. Polson 66
4. Columbia Falls 80
5. Libby 151

Individual Results:

2. Keaton Grove 16:13 Whitefish
3. EJ Havens 16:20 Whitefish
4. Caleb Knox 16:25 Whitefish
6. Thomas Henson 16:47 Whitefish
7. Ethan Lannaghan 16:54 Whitefish
9. Keaton Nicholson 17:07 Whitefish
13. Ethan Potthoff 17:40 Whitefish
14. Santos Parra 17:40 Whitefish
15. Henry Holt 17:40 Whitefish
23. Christian Newby 18:04 Whitefish
33. Sage Cornelius 18:37 Whitefish
36. Holden Roberts 19:04 Whitefish
51. Jansen Anderson 20:54 Whitefish
52. Dillon Lawrence 21:03 Whitefish
54. Cody Casazza 21:07 Whitefish

Girls Team Results:

1. Whitefish 29
2. Polson 42
3. Columbia Falls 57
4. Frenchtown 119
5. Libby 130

Individual Results

3. Sarah Latcham 19:30 Whitefish
4. Katie Smith 19:53 Whitefish
6. Peyton Twete 20:01 Whitefish
7. Sarah Perez 20:05 Whitefish
9. Sloan Ellis 20:24 Whitefish
12. Annika Gordon 20:44 Whitefish
16. Maya Gordon 21:37 Whitefish
20. Kennah Fuller 22:26 Whitefish
21. Greta Roberts 22:27 Whitefish
28. Sonja Ring 23:40 Whitefish
36. Kate Ehrenberg 25:02 Whitefish
39. Adia Saurey 25:19 Whitefish
45. Eleanor Taylor 26:18 Whitefish


"Both teams did fantastic today. I couldn't be happier about the results."

"The Ladies team did a nice job of coming together when it counts. It was really nice for this group of young ladies to be able to reach such a high level. When the season started we weren't necessarily looking at the conference championship. As the season continued, and we began to notice the improvement we started thinking that there may be a chance. After the Whitefish Invitational we felt that if we had our best day, we could challenge Polson for the title."

"The Boys wanted to win, especially the seniors. This is the fourth year in a row that the boys have come out on top, and they wanted to continue that streak. They did a nice job of controlling their emotions, and went out and took care of business. They had fun with their race today."

"We had five girls reach All-Conference today. Sarah Latcham, Katie Smith, Peyton Twete, Sarah Perez and Sloan Ellis all reached that honor. In the past, we've had that happen. In each case that team returned from State with a Trophy. This season we have revamped our goals to include that one. I believe that this team could surprise a lot of teams this upcoming weekend."

"Annika and Maya Gordan both placed in the top 15, and will also represent the Lady Bulldogs at state."

"Six boys reached All-Conference. Keaton Grove, EJ Havens, Caleb Knox, Thomas Henson, Ethan Lannaghan and Keaton Nicholson all placed in the top ten to earn their award. They have all done a nice job so far this season. They are coming on at the right time. I'm not sure where we will end up this coming weekend in the team standings, but if we have our typical race, we should do just fine."

"Freshman Ethan Potthoff did a nice job in placing 13th overall, and will also be part of our top seven at the State Championship meet."

"The crowd, at the meet, was fantastic and it definitely helped our performance. Our runners like to perform for the home crowd. We have the best community when it comes to support, and I'd like to thank everyone that came out. I know the kid's appreciated it."

"Our most important meet is still in front of us, and we have one last chance to reach our best. It will be a great meet for our runners, as they are coming on and are ready for the challenge."