Eureka Invitational - 2010

Eureka Invitational
Indian Springs Golf Course
September 10, 2010

Girls Varsity Team Results:

1. Whitefish 16
St. Ignatius no score
Thompson Falls no score
Eureka no score
Plains no score

Individual results:

1. Jessica Sagen, 12 Whitefish 19:41 (New course record - old record 20:02 Bailey Eaton 2009)
2. Bailey Eaton, 12 Whitefish 19:45
3. Carly Schwickert, 12 Whitefish 19:59
4. Stella Holt, 12 Whitefish 20:31
6. Jackie Cassidy, 12 Whitefish 21:06
9. Emma Marchetti, 10 Whitefish 22:58
15. Maya Gordon, 9 Whitefish 25:40

Girls Junior Varsity Individual results:

8. Taylor Bodway, 9 Whitefish 30:40
9. Justine Dugdale, 11 Whitefish 30:45

Boys Varsity Team Results

1. Whitefish 36
2. Plains 52
3. St. Ignatius 83
4. Thompson Falls 85
5. Eureka 89

Boys Individual Results:

5. Nathan Knox, 12 Whitefish 18;34
6. Fischer Gangemi, 10 Whitefish 18:36
7. Jace Kalbfleisch, 10 Whitefish 18:48
8. Will Holdhusen, 11 Whitefish 18:55
10. Dietrich Perchy, 12 Whitefish 19:02
16. Elias Taylor, 10 Whitefish 20:24
17. Tanner Brock, 9 Whitefish 20:26

Boys JV Individual results:

1. Jeffrey Heinrichs, 12 Whitefish 19:12
2. Thomas Henson, 9 Whitefish 20:19
3. Baxter Graham, 12 Whitefish 20:48
4. Spencer Hale, 10 Whitefish 20:49
5. Zach Blumhardt, 10 Whitefish 21:27
6. Caleb Knox, 9 Whitefish 21:42
10. Hayden Eaton, 9 Whitefish 23:22
11. Waylon Roberts, 10 Whitefish 23:27
14. John Jacobs, 10 Whitefish 25:58
16. Alex Wilson, 9 Whitefish 27:39
52. Kristian Stipe, 11 Whitefish 27:46
53. Brennen Cain, 12 Whitefish 29:37

Comments on the Meet:

Both the Boys and Girls teams won the team titles at the Eureka Invitational Cross Country meet last Friday at the Indian Springs Ranch Course. The boys continued their example of team packing by placing their top five within a 28 second spread. Nathan Knox led the team in 5th place, while his teammates Fischer Gangemi (6th), Jace Kalbfleish (7th), Will Holdhusen (8th) and Dietrich Perchy (10th) rounded out the team scoring with their top ten finishes.

"There were good runners at this meet. This was a test of our team strength which happens to be our packing ability. Our runners are all pretty close in ability right now. If they can continue to improve throughout the season together as this pack, they should continue to have success."

"It's hard to talk about individuals right now with this boys team. I'm sure that will change in the next few meet. Right now our top five runners are basically a group with ten legs. That can really help a team score if that pack runs anywhere near the front of the race."

Elias Taylor and Tanner Brock both ran on the Top Seven squad for the first time this year and finished in 16th and 17th positions, respectively.

"These two, Elias and Tanner, are part of our youth movement. We are lucky to have a lot of talented Sophomore and Freshman competitors this season. They are gathering confidence and experience for the future of this boys team."

Jessica Sagen had a tremendous day at the Eureka Invitational. She won the individual title with a new course record. Her Lady Bulldog team won the girls portion of the meet as well. She was followed closely by former course record holder and teammate Bailey Eaton (2nd in 19:45). Carly Schwicket ran a fantastic race to finish in third place with a time of 19:59. Stella Holt 4th and Jackie Cassidy (6th) rounded out the team scoring.

"Jessica ran very well today. She and Bailey are both top runners and will compete every time the have an opportunity. Bailey beat her own time from last year, but was unable to hang on to Jess to the tape. It was an impressive run for both young ladies."

"Carly Schwicket may have had the best performance of all. For her to finish within 20 seconds of our top two, on such a tough course, is amazing. She has a lot of ability, and a lot of speed. Having her anywhere near the front of a race can only mean good things for our team."

"Stella and Jackie continue to have strong races, as well. As the season progresses and they continue to build their speed I think our time spread will continue to narrow."

"With these five all running at their best at the same meet, it will be an impressive sight. I'm anxious to watch the meets that we have in front of us."

Emma Marchetti and Maya Gordon also had nice races with their finishes of 9th and 15th.

"Emma continues to improve. That's what we want out of our number six. It won't be long and she'll be where she wants to be. Maya ran on our Varsity for the first time ever. She handled it well for a freshman. I think that she can do some great things as a runner. She doesn't seem to be fazed at all by running in the faster race."

The next competition for the Bulldog Cross Country Teams will be on Saturday at the Mountain West Classic in Missoula. Races begin at 9:30 AM and continue into the afternoon. Teams from all over the Pacific Northwest will participate. Typically the fields swell to sizes of 250 to 400 runners for each race.

"We're looking forward to seeing how we stack up with the rest of the teams in the State. Most of the Class A schools attend the meet, so it gives us a good look at our competition. Our Girls team has had a lot of success at this meet competing against all comers. Last year they were fifth and they finished third two seasons ago. I think they are looking forward to showing the rest of the region that they can run with just about everyone."