Eureka Invitational - 2011

Eureka Invitational
Indian Springs Course
September 9, 2011

Boy's Individual Results

4 Jace Kalbfleisch Whitefish 18:05
5 Fisher Gangemi Whitefish 18:08
7 Thomas Henson Whitefish 18:55
9 Keaton Grove Whitefish 19:05
10 Elias Taylor Whitefish 19:10
11 Brandon Maassen Whitefish 19:18
12 Will Holdhusen Whitefish 19:29
13 Tanner Brock Whitefish 19:45
15 Henry Holt Whitefish 19:58
19 Waylon Roberts Whitefish 20:16
20 Caleb Knox Whitefish 20:21
24 Christian Newby Whitefish 20:45
28 Zach Blumhardt Whitefish 21:42
30 Jon Jacobs Whitefish 22:42
33 Seth Corne Whitefish 24:20
36 Adrien Laroux Whitefish 24:57

Boys Varsity Team Scores

1. Whitefish 4 5 7 9 10 11 12 35
2. Plains 1 6 14 15 16 28 30 52
3. Thompson Falls 8 13 18 19 20 23 31 78
4. Mission 2 21 26 27 29 - - 105
5. Eureka 3 22 25 32 33 - - 115
Fernie Acad no score

Girls Individual Results

3 Rebecca Holdhusen Whitefish 21:58
4 Maya Gordon Whitefish 22:16
5 Nicole Brist Whitefish 22:22
8 Emma Marchetti Whitefish 23:22
12 Torrey Coe Whitefish 24:31
13 Peyton Twete Whitefish 24:34
15 Nicole Birk Whitefish 25:25
17 Andrea Lamoureux Whitefish 25:50
20 Autumn Fisher Whitefish 26:29
21 Claire Venery Whitefish 26:56
23 Samantha Eason Whitefish 27:21
25 Kristine Christian Whitefish 28:23
26 Elsa Dodds Whitefish 30:40
27 Claire Watts Whitefish 30:40
28 Kendyl Collinsworth Whitefish 34:18
29 Taylor Bodway Whitefish 38:28

Girls Varsity Team Scores

1. Whitefish 3 4 5 8 11 12 14 31
Mission 2 7 10 14 no score
Plains 1 6 15 16 no score
Eureka 9 19 no score
Thompson Falls 17 18 no score
Fernie Acad no score


The Whitefish Cross County team returned from the Eureka Invitational with a pair of team titles. The WHS Boys team won with a low score of 35 points, seventeen points better than second place Plains. A total of six teams were in attendance at the meet. The Whitefish Girls team also came out on top with low score of 31 points.

The boys were led by Jace Kalbfleisch, once again, as he placed fourth overall. He was followed closely by Fischer Gangemi in fifth place. The boys had seven of the top twelve finishers, and nine in the top fifteen.

"It was a nice performance by the entire boys team. The course was a tough one and the temperature was a bit warmer than we would have liked, but considering that everyone had to handle the same conditions, we were happy with the results. From here we start to hit the main part of our training, so the guys will be running tired for the next couple of meets. There seems to be a lot of depth with the boys. We never really know who may come out in the top seven from one week to the next. Our leaders, Jace and Fischer, have been doing a great job up front. As the rest of the guys get in better racing shape, they will close the gap between themselves and our front two. At that point, we will be very competitive."

The girls came out on top with runners in four of the top eight positions. Rebecca Holdhusen led the way with her third place finish. All of the top seven Whitefish runners finished in the top fifteen places.

"The ladies look pretty good this early. Our top four are very solid. Number five today was Torrey Coe. She had a nice race, as did Peyton Twete, a freshman. We'll want to get these two closer to our fourth runner in the next couple of weeks to help us in the team scoring. I'm also looking forward to having Ella Kobelt in the line-up for Ronan. It will be her first race. I think that she has the potential to help us in that fifth spot. I think that she will help our fifth through seventh runners move up in the pack. This ladies team is showing a lot of potential. I think that by the divisional meet we could see a very good team."

The Whitefish Cross Country teams will be in action on Saturday at the Ronan Invitational at the Silver Fox Course in Pablo. The field will have 11 teams including strong contingents from Missoula Hellgate and Flathead of the Class AA ranks.