Hamilton Invitational

Hamilton Invitational
Daley Mansion Course
Oct. 1, 2005

Girls Varsity Individual results:

4. Beth Donovan, 9 - 19:43
16. Anne Danczyk, 11 - 21:03
19. Clare Miller, 11 - 21:14
20. Janna Rozar, 11 - 21:15
39. Loie Rusell-Templeton, 11 - 22:40
43. Lauren Kuennen, 10 - 23:00
44. Natalie Kearns, 9 - 23:00

Girls Varsity Team Scores:

1. Ronan 37
2. Whitefish 88
3. Polson 103
4. Lincoln 112
5. Dillon 117
6. Frenchtown 119
7. Hamilton 123
8. Columbia Falls 186
9. Anaconda 224
Bigfork - no score
Darby - no score
Corvallis - no score
Two Eagle - no score

Girls Junior Varsity Individual Results:

7. Carly Hendrix, 9 - 23:44
11. Megan Shaver, 9 - 24:35
16. Holly Cullen, 11 - 25:38
20. Mary Kohnstamm, 11 - 25:43
21. Ashley Hustwaite, 10 - 25:43
24. Danielle Rogers, 11 - 26:18

Girls Junior Varsity Team Scores:

1. Dillon 22
2. Frenchtown 57
3. Whitefish 69
4. Hamilton 87
5. Columbia Falls 122
Corvallis - no score
Bigfork - no score
Polson - no score
Drummond - no score
Ronan - no score

Boys Varsity Individual Results:

12. Drew Coco, 9 - 17:03
42. Jacob Fern, 11 - 18:09
46. Blake Bjornson, 11 - 18:23
48. Joseph Alexander, 11 - 18:26
54. Austin Troiano, 12 - 18:42
55. Nick Donovan, 10 - 18:44
65. Dylan Rice, 10 - 19:32

Boys Team Results:

1. Hamilton 69
2. Dillon 73
3. Ronan 94
4. Frenchtown 137
5. Columbia Falls 141
6. Polson 148
7. Darby 170
8. Whitefish 194
9. Anaconda 208
10. Corvallis 212
11. Arlee 288
12. Stevensville 385
Bigfork - no score
Lincoln - no score
Two Eagle - no score

Boys Junior Varsity Individual Results:

1. Ian Mallams, 11 - 16:52
2. Erik Anderson, 10 - 17:46
8. Kellen Bodily, 11 - 18:40
10. Daniel Holland, 12 - 18:46
16. Michael Harrison, 10 - 19:28
21. Joey Guerri, 10 - 19:40
22. Pat McGunagle, 9 - 19:43
23. Jon Cameron, 10 - 19:45
51. Brandon Karschnik, 10 - 21:46
53. Shane Hanson, 11 - 21:52
59. Luke Knight, 11 - 22:10
62. Gentry Darkenwald, 9 - 23:08
65. Dan Gibbs, 10 - 23:32
68. Erik Swanson, 11 - 23:35

Boys Junior Varsity Team Results:

1. Whitefish 33
1. Dillon 33
3. Frenchtown 73
4. Hamilton 100
5. Ronan 142
Polson - no score
Corvallis - no score
Drummond - no score
Columbia Falls - no score
Anaconda - no score

Comments on the Meet:

The Whitefish High School Girls and Boys cross country teams returned from the Hamilton Invitational Saturday afternoon with a lot more confidence than when they left town at 5:15 am earlier that morning. The reason for this increase in confidence was due mainly to performance of both teams against the other teams at the meet.

The best example of this may from the performance of freshman runner Beth Donovan. Beth had an outstanding run. She went out a little quicker during the race, and found that it wasn't any harder than her races before. She may have found that it bit more exciting, as she continued to move her way up through the field until she was running behind some of the top runners in the state. In the final mile she moved past this group and finished fourth with a time of 19:43.

After watching Beth run in the early meets this season, I could tell that it would only be a matter of time before she realized just how much faster she could run. I think that she found that out at this competition. The two girls ahead of her placed first and second at the State Championship meet last fall, so she's in pretty good company.

Beth's run led the team to a second place finish in the 13 team field. We've been close to Polson at every meet that's we've run against them. They ran well again today, but I think we may have ran just a little bit better, which allowed us to slip by them in the team standings. Anne Danczyk had another solid performance. She's been fighting some health issues, so for her to still be able to compete at such a high level is amazing. The number 3 and 4 runners for the Lady Bulldogs both ran outstanding. Clare Miller continues to impress me with her running as she place 19th in the field with a time of 21:13, and having the performance of her season was Janna Rozar. She placed 20th, just two seconds behind Clare. It was a huge day for Janna. Her finishing time of 21:15 was a season's best by over a minute.

Our goal now will be to have our number five, six and seven runners, (Loie Russell-Templeton, Lauren Kuennen and Natalie Kearns) move up closer to Clare and Janna. We have about three more weeks to make that move, before we hit the most important meet of the season, the state championships.

The Whitefish boy's team also had a very good day. The results in the team standings may not show just how good of a day that the entire team had. Freshman Drew Coco, once again, led our Varsity team with his personal best time of 17:03, which was good for 12th place in the meet. His time is just a few seconds from being in the 16's, which is a big goal for any high school distance runner. I see him continuing to look forward with his performances. That means great things for both him and our team.

Jacob Fern was our number two with a new personal best time of 18:09. Jacob has been looking at running in the 17's all season, and now he's just a few seconds away. I'm sure that'll motivate him for this coming weekend's meet. Blake Bjornson (18:23), Joseph Alexander (18:26), Austin Troiano (18:42) and Nick Donovan (18:44) all had great races and were rewarded with their fastest times of the season.

The Whitefish boy's junior varsity team tied for first in the team standings. This was mainly due to the fact that they were led by Ian Mallams and Erik Anderson, who were both running in an effort to earn their way back onto the varsity squad after missing the previous meet due to another commitment. Ian ran 16:52 to win the JV race by nearly a minute. Erik placed third with a time of 17:46. It also helped the boys effort that Kellen Bodily (18:40) and Daniel Holland (18:46) both ran season best times.

Had the Whitefish JV boys team run in the Varsity race, they would have tied the Whitefish Varsity team in the overall team results. That show they type of depth we have on the boys side. We have 12 individuals all fighting it out for the top seven spots. That makes me a very happy coach. In addition to these individuals, Joey Guerri, Pat McGunagle and Jon Camerson all ran in the in the 19's for the first time. This boy's team is really starting to come together, and that will lead to very nice results for them for the remainder of the season.

As exciting as this meet was, It pales when compared to the excitement promised to those that attend this coming weekend's event when the Bulldogs host the Frenchtown Broncs here in Whitefish. The teams are just to close to say who has the advantage. It could go either way in each race. Obviously, we'd like to come out on top, but I'm sure it will be a great meet regardless of the outcome. Our program is looking forward to offering our home fans the opportunity to really see what our cross country teams can do. A course has been designed right on the Whitefish school campus in an effort to give spectators a great view of the event. We'd sure like to see a big home crowd there to help us with that extra motivation we may need in order to squeak past these tough Bronc teams.

The first of two races will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday, with the start and finish line located just south of the track facility. For more information, or if you'd like to help with the event, please call Bill or Sara Brist at 755-6991.