Libby Invitational - 2007

Libby Invitational
Friday, August 31, 2007

Girls Varsity Team Results:
1. Whitefish 43
2. Ronan 75
3. Flathead 79
4. Bonners Ferry 80
5. Glacier 84
6. Polson 180
7. Timberlake 229
8. Libby 258

no scores for following teams: Thompson Falls, Columbia Falls, Mullah, Plains, Kellogg, Eureka.

Individual results:
4. Loni Hanson, 10 Whitefish 19:47
6. Lauren Kuennen, 12 Whitefish 20:08
8. Clare Miller, 12 Whitefish 20:40
12. Kelly Beiser, 11 Whitefish 21:15
13. Stella Holt, 9 Whitefish 21:16
19. Bailey Eaton, 9 Whitefish 21:44

Girls Junior Varsity Team Results:
1. Columbia Falls 41
2. Whitefish 49
3. Flathead 88

no scores for following teams: Ronan, Bonners Ferry, Timberlake, Polson, Kellogg, Thompson Falls, Eureka, Glacier, Bigfork

Individual results:
3. Anne Miller, 10 Whitefish 22:57
8. Carly Schwickert, 9 Whitefish 23:12
10. Megan Shaver, 10 Whitefish 23:26
12. Hannah Weaver, 10 Whitefish 23:42
16. Jessica Sagen, 9 Whitefish 24:21
17. Caitlin Caltabiano, 11 Whitefish 24:27
21. Katie McGunagle, 10 Whitefish 25:09
23. Elizabeth Stevenson, 9 Whitefish 25:28

Boys Varsity Team Results
1. Flathead 37
2. Glacier 78
3. Whitefish 90
4. Thompson Falls 150
5. Polson 164
6. Kellogg 207
7. Ronan 213
8. Libby 227
9. Plains 235
10. Bonners Ferry 268

no scores for the following teams: Timberlake, Columbia Falls, Eureka

Boys Individual Results:
3. Drew Coco, 11 Whitefish 16:12
13. Erik Anderson, 12 Whitefish 17:26
22. Pat McGunagle, 11 Whitefish 17:59
25. Michael Harrison, 12 Whitefish 18:09
31. Nick Donovan, 12 Whitefish 18:29
32. Michael Samdahl, 12 Whitefish 18:35
39. Byron Bard, 12 Whitefish 19:01

Boys Junior Varsity Team Results:
1. Flathead 53
2. Glacier 66
3. Bigfork 67
4. Columbia Falls 116
5. Whitefish 118

no scores for the following teams: Timberlake, Thompson Falls, Polson, Kellogg, Eureka

Boys JV Individual Results:
8. Wes Beougher, 12 Whitefish 19:22
11. Baxter Graham, 9 Whitefish 19:46
23. Regoberto Paredes, 11 Whitefish 21:11
37. Pierre Hilligot, 12 Whitefish 24:14
39. Dietrich Perchy, 9 Whitefish 25:32

Comments on the meet:

The season opening Libby Invitational has always been a tough one for the Whitefish High School Cross Country teams. The temperature is usually hot, and the competition is usually tough. This year was no exception with 15 teams in attendance, including Class AA Kalispell and Glacier plus all the Northwestern A teams.

"We were anxious for an opportunity to see where we stack up against the rest of the division. Although we lost 10 senior boys and 10 senior girls from last years squads, we felt that we may actually be a bit stronger this season."

That may be saying a lot considering that last years squads swept the Northwest A Conference meet, and placed third at the State A Championship race.

The Lady Bulldogs were the last to race on Friday at J. Neils Park in Libby, but that didn't seem to faze the group of runners as they ran to a convincing win over the entire field by defeating the second place team, Ronan, by 36 points.

"I felt that our young ladies had a pretty good chance to do well. They're a strong group with a good mix of talent. Their performance didn't surprise me. I figured that they would run as fast as they did, but I don't think I was prepared to see so many gold jerseys near the front at the end of the race. It was a great day to be a Lady Bulldog XC fan as they gave us a lot to cheer about."

Sophomore Loni Hanson led the team with her fourth place finish. Her time of 19:47 was a personal best.

"Loni has come a long way since last season. She is a good example for what dedication and consistency will do for a runner. Last season she ran 21:50 at this meet, and I think that the conditions today were not quite as favorable as it was then."

Seniors Lauren Kuennen and Clare Miller also cracked the top ten with their performances as they finished in 6th (20:08) and 8th (20:40) place, respectively.

"Having two senior captains at the front of our pack has certainly been a blessing. They give us a solid base for the younger runners to build upon. I think that these two individuals will show us some great things this season. I was very impressed by their performances."

The team scoring was rounded out by junior Kelly Beiser (12th in 21:15), and freshman Stella Holt (13th in 21:16) and Bailey Eaton (19th in 21:44).

"That's quite a performance by those three. It's this part of the team that really gives us our edge against the competition right now. We have a lot of depth all the way back to our eight, ninth and tenth positions. There's no doubt that newcomers Stella Holt, Bailey Easton, Anne Miller and Carly Schwickert have made us a better team."

The only down side for the Lady Bulldogs was that they had to compete with their two time All State competitor, Beth Donovan on the sideline. She was suffering from the stomach flu and was unable to start.

"Imagine going into your season opener without your top returner. It really wasn't part of our plan to hold her out. Beth has been our rock for the past two seasons. We are certainly a better team with her in our line-up. These things come up, and I credit the rest of the team for stepping up and performing so well in her absence. I look forward to having her back as she is such a great competitor."

The boys team had a very good day as well, as they matched their third place finish of last year finishing behind AA Flathead and Glacier.

"I think a lot of the other teams may have thought that this would be a rebuilding year for our boys, but we were so deep last year that some of these runners were hidden. Usually, graduating so many seniors from last year's team is not a great thing, but I really believe that it is this groups time to shine. I'll really miss those great runners of last year, but I look forward to seeing this years group step up and make the most of their opportunity."

Junior Drew Coco led the team with his 3rd place finish with a personal best time of 16:12 for the 3 mile distance.

"It's sure nice to have Drew back. He missed most of last season with a freak abdominal injury. He had such a great track season last spring that you had to figure he'd come into the season in great shape. He's ready to really explode onto the top level of high school running. All he needs is a little bit more experience and more confidence. I'm sure he'll gain both as the season progresses."

Senior Erik Anderson had a pretty good run as well as he finished in the 12th position in 17:26.

"Erik is in his fourth year on this varsity squad and is ready for a great senior season. He just missed All State last year by a few seconds, and he seems destined for great performances. I think we'll continue to see him move up closer to the front of the pack in his races this fall."

Patrick McGunagle (21st - 17:59), Michael Harrison (24th - 18:11), Nick Donovan (30th - 18:29), Michael Samdahl (31st - 18:35) and Byron Bard (38th - 19:01) rounded out the rest of the Bulldogs scoring.

"The guys team did a very good job at this meet. As a matter of fact, they probably had a better meet than we had last year for our opener. I think they felt that they could have done better. They certainly were not satisfied with being third. This group has a ton of potential. I think as they round into shape they will continue to move up to where they would like to be. I really like the fact that they are not satisfied with their performances."

The next meet for both boys and girls cross country teams will be at the Flathead Invitational. Races will begin at 11:00 AM on Saturday at the Kidsport complex.

"It's early in our season, and at this point it's all about improvement. In cross country, results only matter at the end of the season, so we'll be using these early season races to improve. Sure, we'd like to win every time we race, but what we're really looking at is improvement throughout the season, and a chance to compete for the conference and state championship in late October."