Libby Invitational - 2008

Libby Invitational
J.Neils Park, Libby MT
Friday, September 5, 2008

Girls Varsity Team Results:

1. Whitefish - 25
2. Glacier - 68
3. Thompson Falls - 78
4. Timberlake, ID - 87
5. Eurkea - 139
. Plains - no score
. Bigfork - no score
. Columbia Falls - no score
. Libby - no score

Individual results:

3. Loni Hanson, 11 - 18:57
4. Stella Holt, 10 - 19:37
5. Jackie Cassidy, 10 - 19:51
6. Bailey Eaton, 10 - 19:52
7. Jessica Sagen, 10 - 20:11
10. Natalie Kearns, 12 - 20:47
12. Kelly Beiser, 12 - 21:19

Girls Junior Varsity Team Results:

1. Columbia Falls - 20
2. Whitefish - 35
3. Glacier - 84
. Thompson Falls - no score
. Eureka - no score
. Libby - no score

Individual results:

3. Brianna Leggitt, 9 - 21:57
5. Anne Miller, 11 - 22:04
8. Megan Shaver, 11 - 22:21
9. Hannah Weaver, 11 - 22:48
10. Elizabeth Stevenson, 10 - 22:49
11. Carly Schwickert, 10 - 23:53
12. Beth Donovan, 12 - 23:54
15. Nicole Birk, 9 - 24:26
25. Samona Eicher, 11 - 27:14
27. Katrina Brown, 10 - 27:28

Boys Varsity Team Results:

1. Timberlake, ID - 47
2. Glacier - 65
3. Columbia Falls - 70
3. Whitefish - 123
5. Eureka - 128
6. Thompson Falls - 158
7. Libby - 182
. Plains - no score
. Bigfork - no score

Boys Individual Results:

1. Drew Coco, 12 - 15:31
7. Patrick McGunagle, 12 - 17:27
34. Erik Hanson, 10 - 20:06
39. Will Holdhusen, 9 - 20:43
42. Dietrich Perchy, 10 - 21:13
43. Tucker Chambers, 10 - 21:25

Comments on the Meet:

The 2008 cross country racing season began with an upbeat performance by both the boys and girls teams from Whitefish High School at the Libby Invitational. The girls team, revamped after the loss of several outstanding leaders to graduation, came out to show that this season's team may have the potential to reach even higher heights. The boys team was hit even harder with graduation, losing nearly a dozen runners to graduation. Only two varsity letter winners return from last years group.

The Lady Bulldogs dominated the nine team field in Libby by placing all seven runners in the top twelve. Junior Loni Hanson led the group with her third place individual finish (18:57). "Loni did a great job for her first meet of the season. To run under 19 minutes the first time out was a great achievement. She had fast competition from Fraley (Glacier) and Carlson (Bigfork). Both of whom are a couple of the fastest runners in the state."

Stella Holt (4th - 19:37), Jackie Cassidy (5th - 19:51), Bailey Eaton (6th - 19:52) and Jessica Sagen (7th - 20:11) swept the next four places to secure the win with 25 points. Glacier High School finished second with 68 points. "I think that most of the spectators were a bit surprised that our girls were able to run so fast this early. It was a good field, and we packed them up nicely in the front of the field."

"Stella and Bailey both had their typical great races. To be under 20 minutes the first race of the season bodes well for their future results. We really have been keeping the workouts at the basic level right now. As we pick up our intensity, I'm sure the times will continue to drop. We could be seeing some scary times from these two later in the season."

"The addition of Jackie Cassidy to the line-up has really given us a great boost. It's her first year of cross country, although you may not be able to tell that considering that she ran with a couple of our top runners. She did a fantastic job for us in track, and I'm thankful that she has decided to be with us this fall. She's a fun kid to have with our group."

"Jessica Sagen had a fantastic race as well. She's been one of those runners that you just can't help but cheer for. She was our second alternate last season as a freshman. Jess started out running three miles in over 25 minutes the first race she ran as a freshman, but she's figured out how to run through the pain barrier probably better than any other runner I've coached. Now she's knocking at the door of breaking 20 minutes at her first race of the season."

Natalie Kearns and Kelly Beiser both had great races as well, placing 10th and 12th, respectively. "Natalie suffered through mono last season, and only managed to make it back for the final few races. This year she has been making up for lost opportunity as her time of 20:47 was a person best by over 30 seconds.". "Kelly has had a great off-season of training. I'm kind of holding her back right now, so that she peaks at the right time. I think that we'll see her running some great times at the end of the season, when we really will need her."

In the JV section of the meet several others had outstanding races as well. Freshman Brianna Leggitt ran a fantastic time of 21:57 to take third. "I think it's only the beginning for her". "Anne Miller, Megan Shaver, Hannah Weaver, Elizabeth Stevenson all had great times for the first meet. The others did very well also."

For the boys it was the two senior team captains that led the team to a fourth place finish. Drew Coco pulled away after the first mile, and cruised to a 15:31 course and school record. Patrick McGunagle ran to a seventh place finish in 17:21 for the three mile course.

"Drew is running well. He'll only get faster. Considering that he's starting at the mid fifteens, you can use your imagination to what kind of times he'll be running by mid season. I think if you want to experience what it looks like to watch a really, really fast cross country racer, you may want to come out and watch Drew race. He's kind of at a different level than that of most high school runners. He's fun to watch.".

"Patrick had a great race as well. He's done some good running in the summer. I think as he continues to learn the best race strategy for him, he'll continue to move his way to the top of the field. His performance today was very good."

The rest of the pack for the Bulldogs is where the team results will be created. "There's not a whole lot of experience in the rest of the team. Sophomores Dietrich Perchy, Tucker Chambers and Chris Reyna have improved a ton, but there's still a long way to go for this group to compete at the level that we've seen the past three years."

Newcomers Erik Hanson, Will Holdhusen, Nathan Knox, Daniel Rivieria and Matthew Kennedy will certainly help. "There's actually quite a bit of talent with these new runners. While it won't be immediate, I think that we can do some pretty good things with this group."