Libby Invitational - 2010

Libby Invitational
J.Neils Park, Libby MT
Friday, September 3, 2010

Girls Varsity Team Results:

1. Whitefish 22
2. Glacier 38
3. Sandpoint 68
. Bigfork no score
. Libby no score
. Eureka no score
. Lakeland no score

Individual results:

2. Bailey Eaton, 12 Whitefish 19:01
3. Jessica Sagen, 12 Whitefish 19:26
4. Stella Holt, 12 Whitefish 19:59
6. Carly Schwickert, 12 Whitefish 20:33
7. Jackie Cassidy, 12 Whitefish 20:39
15. Emma Marchetti, 10 Whitefish 22:18
20. Anne Gustenhoff, 11 Whitefish 23:14

Girls Junior Varsity Individual results:

8. Maya Gordon, 9 Whitefish 25:00
21. Kendyl Collinsworth, 9 Whitefish 29:34
22. Justine Dugdale, 11 Whitefish 31:08
25. Taylor Bodway, 9 Whitefish 31:26

Boys Varsity Team Results

1. Sandpoint, ID 26
2. Glacier 48
3. Whitefish 63
4. Lakeland, ID 106
5. Libby 132
6. Eureka 181
. Bigfork no score

Boys Individual Results:

8. Mathias Komarek, 12 Whitefish 17:31
12. Fischer Gangemi, 10 Whitefish 17:41
13. Jace Kalbfleisch, 10 Whitefish 17:41
14. Nathan Knox, 12 Whitefish 17:49
16. Will Holdhusen, 10 Whitefish 17:51
19. Dietrich Perchy, 12 Whitefish 18:03
30. Thomas Henson, 9 Whitefish 19:41

Boys Junior Varsity Team Results

1. Sandpoint, ID 32
2. Glacier 56
3. Whitefish 67
4. Lakeland, ID 79

Boys JV Individual results:

7. Tanner Brock, 9 Whitefish 19:11
9. Elias Taylor, 10 Whitefish 19:19
12. Spencer Hale, 10 Whitefish 19:48
14. Baxter Graham, 12 Whitefish 19:58
25. Zach Blumhardt, 10 Whitefish 21:09
26. Henry Holt, 9 Whitefish 21:10
27. Caleb Knox, 9 Whitefish 21:12
35. Jose Sanchez, 12 Whitefish 22:05
37. Hayden Eaton, 9 Whitefish 22:07
42. Jon Jacobs, 10 Whitefish 22:48
48. Waylon Roberts, 10 Whitefish 23:31
52. Kristian Stipe, 12 Whitefish 28:27
53. Brennen Cain, 12 Whitefish 31:11

Comments on the Meet:

The Whitefish High School Cross Country teams competed at the Libby Invitational Cross Country meet on Friday. The results of the meet were promising. The Lady Bulldogs team came away with a victory in the teams standings, winning with a low score of 22. This performance bettered teams from Kalispell Glacier and Sandpoint-Idaho. Teams from Bigfork, Eureka, Lakeland-Idaho, and Libby also participated by failed to score as a full team.

"This is the fourth year in a row that our girls have opened with a win. I was impressed with how our squad competed with the other runners. The best bit of knowledge that we came away with, from this meet, is that we know we still have quite a bit of room to improve."

Bailey Eaton held the lead in the race until the final fifty meters. Glacier's Heather Fraley just edged by to take first place with a time of 18:57. Bailey finished in second place at 19:01, the same time she ran last season while winning this race. In third and fourth place were Bulldog teammates Jessica Sagen and Stella Holt. Both runners cracked the twenty minute mark with their individual times of 19:29 and 19:59.

Carly Schwickert and Jackie Cassidy rounded out the team scoring for the Whitefish team with their 6th and 7th place finishes. Emma Marchetti finished in 15th place (22:18), and Anne Gustenhoff ended up in 20th position (23:14).

"These seven runners all looked great for it being their first competition of the season. We've been trying to ease into our workouts to keep everyone healthy, so I'm pleased with how well everyone ran with such basic workouts. I'm anxious to see where they end up once we really have a chance to train more specifically."

"It's nice to have Stella and Jackie back healthy at the beginning of the season. We missed both of them last year. They will be the key to our success this season. Bailey and Jessica led us all last year, and with Carly rounding out the top five, we have a pretty dominating scoring crew this season. I believe the real key may lie with our number six and seven runners this season. You never will know when you may have a freak accident, as we had with Stella last year. You have to have more than five runners if you want to escape with a chance to compete for a state title in cross country."

"Emma Marchetti had a fantastic race in Libby. Her time was over a minute and a half better than she ran last season. I'd like to think she can knock another minute and a half by the end of the season. Foreign Exchange student Anne Gustenhoff has tremendous potential, as well. It will be fun to see where she improves to by the end of the season."

"These runners represented our top seven at this first meet. Maya Gordon, Kendyl Collinsworth, Justine Dugdale and Taylor Bodway all had great season openers, also."

The Whitefish boys team also had a strong showing at the Libby Meet.. They finished in 3rd position out of the eight teams in attendance. Sandpoint, Idaho won the team event with a low score of 26 points, over Glacier High School of Kalispell.

Mathias Komarek, a foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic, led the way for the Bulldog runners with his 8th place finish with a time of 17:31. He was followed closely by teammates Fischer Gangemi, Jace Kalbfleisch and Nathan Knox who finished 12th, 13th and 14th. Will Holdhusen rounded out the top five with his 16th place finish.

"The team split for the top five Whitefish runners was an amazing 20 seconds. That's about as tight of a pack, as I've seen. It was pretty neat to see Mathias and Nathan come by at 2 and a half miles, and then I noticed four more Bulldog runners close behind running in a pack ."

Dietrich Perchy had a strong run to finish in 19th place with a personal best time of 18:03. Freshman Thomas Henson rounded out the top seven Bulldog runners with his 30th place effort (19:41).

"I'm not really sure what to think about this boys team. They are better than they were last year, I know that much. I also have a feeling that they're going to get a lot faster as the season progresses. I don't think many have large expectations out of them, but they if they continue to run like this, I think it could make things very interesting."

The next meet for the Whitefish Cross Country team will be the Lincoln County Invitational on September 10th in Eureka.