Libby Invitational - 2013

Libby Invitational
J. Neils Park, Libby MT
Saturday, August 31, 2013

Varsity Boys Team Scores:

1. Sandpoint 51
2. Whitefish 57
3. Glacier 74
4. Bonners Ferry 87
5. Timberlake 90
6. Libby 176
7. Columbia Falls no score

Individual Results:

3. Thomas Henson, 12 Whitefish 17:13
5. Keaton Grove, 11 Whitefish 17:15
8. EJ Havens, 12 Whitefish 17:27
16. Ethan Lannaghan, 10 Whitefish 18:03
27. Holden Roberts, 12 Whitefish 19:25
30. Keaton Nicholson, 12 Whitefish 19:43
35. Santos Parra, 10 Whitefish 20:36

Junior Varsity Boys Team Scores

1. Sandpoint 36
2. Whitefish 58
3. Columbia Falls 70
4. Timberlake 83
Bonners Ferry no score
Glacier no score
Columbia Falls no score

Individual Results

Jv3. Bradley Gerner, 10 19:47
Jv7. Ethan Potthoff, 9 20:18
Jv9. Samuel Stevenson, 10 20:35
Jv17. Sage Cornelius, 9 21:23
Jv22. Cody Cassaza, 9 22:04
Jv25. Jansen Anderson, 9 22:44

Varsity Girls Team Scores:

1. Sandpoint 43
2. Glacier 44
3. Timberlake 66
4. Whitefish 87
5. Libby 153
Bonners Ferry no score
Columbia Falls no score

Individual Results

2. Sarah Latcham, 11 Whitefish 19:51
17. Payton Twete, 11 Whitefish 22:22
19. Sloan Ellis, 12 Whitefish 22:40
22. Maya Gordon, 12 Whitefish 23:25
27. Sara Perez, 10 Whitefish 25:54
28. Kenna Fuller, 10 Whitefish 25:57
29. Adia Saurey, 9 Whitefish 25:58

Junior Varsity Girls Team Results

Sandpoint 35
Columbia Falls 44
Whitefish 107
Glacier no score
Timberlake no score
Libby no score

Individual Results

Jv19. Kate Ehrenberg, 10 28:26
Jv20. Greta Roberts, 9 28:30
Jv21. Sonja Ring, 9 28:44
Jv23. Makkie Haller, 9 28:58
Jv24. Sydney Archibald, 9 29:10
Jv27. Eleanor Taylor, 9 34:58


The Whitefish High School Cross Country teams opened up the 2013 season with promising performances at the Libby Invitational held at J. Neils Park on Saturday. The boys were able to come away with a strong second place performance, while the Lady Bulldog team finished in fourth place. Seven teams participated in the event.

"We were happy with our results", commented WHS Cross Country Coach Sara Brist. "We've had only two weeks of practice, so we were not at full strength. Typically, we would have another week of practice prior to our first meet. I'm pleased that we were able to have so many athletes able to participate at such an early competition. It shows their dedication to their sport."

MHSA rules state that athletes must participate in a minimum of ten practices prior to their first competition of the season. Twenty-six of the fifty-two members of the team were able to compete in the first event of the young season.

The Bulldog Boys were led by solid efforts from Thomas Henson, Keaton Grove, EJ Havens and Ethan Lannaghan.

"Thomas and Keaton did a great job of leading with their top five finishes. EJ had a fantastic race for it being his first attempt at racing cross country. He's a nice addition to our team this year. Ethan has really improved since last season. He's running with the confidence of a veteran, and that is a huge bonus to our team performance," added Brist.

The WHS Ladies team also had a successful day by finishing in the top half of the field. The Lady Bulldog team was led by Sarah Latcham (2nd in 19:51). Peyton Twete, Sloan Ellis and Maya Gordon also had fine performance, as well.

"Sarah had a great race. She looked under control for her first race of the season. She looked very confident. She's a great leader for our team. I was happy with all of our ladies today. Every one of our girls improved upon their time trial times from last week for the same distance. We have a lot of young, inexperienced runners that will continue to improve as we continue with our schedule. It will be fun for coaches and parents to watch these young ladies continue to improve this season. They will add confidence with each race and that will really help them to achieve their individual goals", mentioned Brist.

The next event for the Bulldog cross country teams will be in Athol, Idaho for the Coaster Cross Invitational held at the Silverwood Theme Park on Saturday.