Mountain West Classic - 2006

Mountain West Classic
University of Montana Golf Course
Missoula, Montana
2006 Results

BOYS Varsity Team scores 1, Bozeman 87; 2, Kalispell 108; 3, North Central 173; 4, Helena 191; 5, Missoula Big Sky 243; 6, Browning 249; 7, Lewis and Clark 251; 8, Helena Capital 254; 9, Billings West 347; 10, Mount Spokane 383; 11, University 406; 12, Walla Walla 414; 13, Dillon 464; 14, Laurel 484; 15, Gonzaga Prep 487; 16, Whitefish 488; 17, Riverside 492; 18, Shadle Park 553; 19, East Valley 569; 20, Missoula Sentinel 577; 21, Missoula Hellgate 612; 22, Havre 640; 23, Shelton 656; 24, Billings Skyview 684; 25, Great Falls CMR 733; 26, Hamilton 743; 27, Cut Bank 751; 28, Billings Senior 771; 29, Thompson Falls 789; 30, Polson 790; 31, Belgrade 821; 32, Hardin 828; 33, Missoula Loyola 834; 34, Frenchtown 836; 35, Manhattan 841; 36, Columbia Falls 898; 37, Butte 970; 38, Ronan 990; 39, Great Falls 1,060; 40, Harlem 1,199; 41, Shelby 1,241; 42, Manhat-tan Christian 1,255; 43, Arlee 1,276; 44, Billings Central 1,316; 45, Anaconda 1,422.

Varsity Individual results; (277 finishers)
Whitefish finishers
20, Mallams.............15:53
64, Drew Coco...........16:39 
117, Erik Anderson......17:11 
138, Jacob Fern.........17:23 
149, Joseph Alexander...17:34 
173, Pat McGonagle......17:47 
194, Michael Harrison...17:58

Junior Varsity Team scores 1. Lewis & Clark 48, 2. Bozeman 56, 3. North Central 60, 4. Flathead 154, 5. Helena Capital 192, 6. Mt. Spokane 204, 7. University 207, 8. Browning 224, 9. Helena 258, 10. Hamilton 427, 11. Whitefish 463, 12. Gonzaga Prep 494, 13. Missoula Big Sky 494, 14. Dillon 594, 15. Missoula Sentinel 632, 16. Riverside 757, 17. Missoula Hellgate 804, 18. Corvallis 827, 19. Shadle Park 894, 20. CMR 923, 21. East Valley 1042, 22. Polson 1087, 23. Butte 1119, Frenchtown 1172, 25. Loyola 1256, Thompson Falls 1283, 27. Darby 1321, 28. Shelby 1473, 29. Billings Central 1757, 30. Anaconda 1772,

Junior Varsity Individual Results (389 finishers)
Whitefish Finishers
24. Blake Bjornson......17:29
80. Nick Donovan........18:23
113. Michael Samdahl....18:56
116. Tanner Hosek.......18:57
130. Byron Bard.........19:01
131. Dylan Rice.........19:02
159. Wes Beogher........19:31
179. Joey Guerri........19:43
184. Nathan Topliff.....19:45
187. David Teeples......19:48
239. Brandon Karschnik..20:35
253. David Reimer.......20:45
266. Luke Knight........21:00
267. Jamie MacNamara....21:01
322. Gentry Darkenwald..22:18
325. Jared Barton.......22:19
338. Ryan Rice..........22:58
358. Chris Macnamara....23:43

GIRLS Varsity Team scores 1, Billings Senior 97; 2, Billings West 161; 3, Bozeman 181; 4, Mount Spokane 218; 5, Helena Capital 256; 6, Mead 268; 7, University 277; 8, Kalispell 278; 9, Butte 293; 10, Walla Walla 367; 11, Riverside 381; 12, Missoula Big Sky 422; 13, Lewis and Clark 430; 14, Great Falls CMR 445; 15, Billings Skyview 457; 16, Ronan 473; 17, Cut Bank 497; 18, Whitefish 533; 19, East Valley 541;20, (tie) Gonzaga Prep and Missoula Hellgate 549; 22, Hardin 576; 23, Dillon 600; 24, Helena 634; 25, Mis-soula Sentinel 643; 26, Lewistown 704; 27, Havre 750; 28, Frenchtown 806; 29 (tie), Missoula Loyola and Man-hattan 840; 31, Shelby 845; 32, Polson 858; 33, Browning 871; 34, Great Falls 892; 35, Billings Central 921; 36, Shelton 937; 37, Thompson Falls 948; 38, Laurel 970; 39, Belgrade 1,094; 40, Columbia Falls 1,145.

Varsity Individual results: (277 finishers)
Whitefish finishers
36, Beth Donovan........19:17 
93, Clare Miller........20:24 
114, Janna Rozar........20:38 
132, Kelly Beiser.......20:50 
158, Natalie Kearns.....21:14 
183, Anne Danczyk.......21:39 
189, Lauren Kuennen.....21:46

Junior Varsity Team scores 1.Mead 58, 2.Bozeman 107, 3. University 115, Hamilton 155, Lewis & Clark 173, Flathead 205, Gonzaga Prep 227, 8. Whitefish 261, 9. Mt. Spokane 268, 10. Butte 298, 11.Helena Capital 374, 12. East Valley 437, 13. Frenchtown, 14. Missoula Big Sky 467, 15. Dillon 601, 16. Valley Christian 660, 17. Missoula Sentinel 756, Loyola Sacred Heart 756, Deer Lodge 902, 20. Missoula Hellgate 944, 21. Browning 952, 22. Columbia Falls 1267

Junior Varsity Individual results: (313 finishers)
Whitefish finishers
8. Loni Hanson..........20:40
23. Cassie Schell.......21:35
64. Emily Jones.........22:47
82. Megan Shaver........23:07
84. Jade Gephardt.......23:09
101. Marni Hale.........23:29
141. Loie Russell-Templeton - 23:59
150. Danielle Rogers....24:08
151. Katie McGunagle....24:10
171. Hannah Weaver......24:29
189. Mary Kohnstamm.....24:54
212. Holly Cullen.......25:24
222. Adriana Blanco.....25:41
238 Bailey Chauner......26:08
246. Alexa Holliday.....26:16
253. Dani Gregory.......26:36
275. Emily Loesch.......27:36
282. Kim Aldinger.......27:47

Middle School Individual Results: (91 finsihers)
9. Stella Holt..........8:41
68. Nicole Brist........10:31

The Mountain West Classic in Missoula is a big meet. With over 1600 runners it's the biggest meet that we attend. Anytime you fit more than 300 runners on a race-course at one time, you know there's potential for a tough field. That's exactly what we encountered this past weekend in Missoula.

It's such a great event. The race directorship does a fantastic job of putting on a top quality experience for the kids. The competition is tough, but it really shows us that we can compete with just about anyone. In this case that would include all the AA schools, as well as seven schools from Spokane, Washington. The quality at this meet is one of the best in the United States. It's a draw from all over the Northwest. This gives us a great opportunity to see how we stack up against the best.

Another bonus is that it gives us a chance to see how we stack up against the rest of the class A schools in the state. Just about every team that will play a factor at the State meet was in attendance, with the exception of perhaps Miles City on the Girls side. That's what we really wanted to see. Sure, it's nice to be ahead of so many AA and Spokane schools, but we like to see how we stack up against the competition that we'll see at state in four weeks. That's the meet we're shooting for. This is another chance to learn and improve.

The Girls teams really did an outstanding job. I wouldn't say that it was the best race we've ever run, but considering the nature of the course, the tough competition and the fact that we had to jump on a bus at 5 am, I'd have to say I'm pleased with our results. Beth Donovan had a great race with her personal best time of 19:17. Beth is ready to really let one go within the next couple of weeks. She looks really good. Last year she ran 20:33 on this course, so we know she's improved quite a bit since last season.

Clare Miller (20:24) and Janna Rozar (20:38) continue to impress me with their strong running. Clare's time was a minute better than see did last season at this meet, while Janna improved her time by nearly two minutes. Kelly Beiser and Natalie Kearns stepped up to fill the number 4 and 5 spots and did fantastic with their races. It's nice to know that if something goes wrong with one of your typical top five , that you have two others that have the ability to step up and do what it takes to keep you in the race. That's why it's been very important for us to stress team depth rather than just the quality at the top.

This depth could be seen in the Junior Varsity race where freshman Loni Hanson ran to an eighth place finish with a time of 20:40. Cassie Schell also had a great run in the same race, and earned her way onto the top seven for the next meet with her finishing time of 21:35.

Looking at the Class A teams right now, it looks like we are right where we want to be in the hunt for the state title. It's only important to be the best on the day of the State meet, since a lot can happen between now and then. I see nine different girls fighting it out for those seven varsity spots. All nine of these girls have the ability, on the right day, to be in the top twenty in Class A. That really gives us an edge over just about every other team that we'll be going against.

The boys also had the opportunity to see what everyone else could do, as well. Our boys did very well. Initially, I wasn't sure of the results, as I know that this type of course does not suit our strengths. We're not the kind of team that likes to go out fast and hang on. We like to come in strong at the end, but the field is just to big to accomplish that, so we had to do the best we could and live with our results.

Ian Mallams had another great race with his top twenty finish. The quality runners at this meet are unbelievable. I thought Ian did a nice job against such a tough field. His time of 15:53 was very good for this course. The rest of the guys ran well also. I can't say that we won't run faster, but I'm sure that the rest of the field will run faster as well. It will be a matter of who will improve the most between now and state that will dictate who will be on the trophy stand in late October.

Our team pack was really strong. Like the girls, our depth is what sets us apart from the rest of the State's class A teams. Drew Coco (16:39), Erik Anderson (17:11), Jacob Fern (17:26) all had good races. Joseph Alexander, Patrick McGunagle and Michael Harrison ran solid, also. I'm kind of surprised that they all ran so well at the same time. Usually, there one or two that may not have such a good day, but in this case everyone did a great job.

Blake Bjornson ran a really nice race in the JV event and earned his way back onto the top seven for the next race. Like the girls, we have a lot of competition for those top seven spots. That's exactly what we want in our effort to reach the top of our division this year.

We stack up really nicely against the best in Class A. We know that Browning boy are the favorite right now. They are deep and they are fast. Both Dillon and Laurel look good as well. We fit right in with those two. We've got a bit more depth in our lineup, which may be just what we'll need at state later in the year.

The next opportunity that we have to race will be this next Saturday in Hamilton. That means another early bus ride, but it is our first chance to run a meet without the AA teams in attendance. It will be fun for us to see what we can do with the teams from Dillon, Hamilton and Ronan. It should be close between these teams with both the boys and girls.