Mountain West Classic - 2007

Mountain West Classic
University of Montana Golf Course, Missoula MT
Saturday, September 22, 2007

Varsity Girls Team Results: (39 scoring teams)

1. Bozeman 65
2. Billing Senior 93
3. Billings West 124
4. Mead (Spokane) 184
5. Lewis & Clark (Spokane) 259
6. Helena 288
7. Whitefish 314
8. Deer Park (Spokane) 357
9. Butte 392
10 Mt. Spokane (Spokane) 393
11.Flathead 407
12.CMR 429
13.Missoula Big Sky 449
14.Gonzaga Prep (Spokane) 457
15.East Valley (Spokane) 485
16.Hamilton 491
17.Laurel 538
18.Missoula Hellgate 549
19.Missoula Sentinel 550
20.Ronan 601
21.Polson 617
22.Belgrade 648
23.Fergus 656
24.Glacier 665
25.Dillon 694
26.Frenchtown 699
27.Hardin 702
28.Helena Capital 716
29.Manhattan 798
30.Billings Central 858

Varsity Girls Individual Results:

43. Loni Hanson Whitefish 19:31
52. Lauren Kuennen Whitefish 19:42
66. Stella Holt Whitefish 20:03
73. Bailey Eaton Whitefish 20:08
80. Clare Miller Whitefish 20:13
86. Kelly Beiser Whitefish 20:19
158. Beth Donovan Whitefish 21:18

Junior Varsity Girls Team Results: (42 scoring teams)

7. Whitefish 251

Junior Varsity Girls Individual resutls:

12. Carly Schwickert Whitefish 20:37
32. Jessica Sagen Whitefish 21:43
63. Megan Shaver Whitefish 22:23
67. Hannah Weaver Whitefish 22:29
77. Anne Miller Whitefish 22:37
84. Caitlin Caltabiano Whitefish 22:49
191.Elizabeth Stevenson Whitefish 24:59
261.Maggie Wilson Whitefish 27:01

Varsity Boys Team Results: (44 scoring teams)

20. Whitefish 599

Varsity Boys Individual Results

13. Drew Coco Whitefish 15:50
84. Erik Anderson Whitefish 16:59
140.Michael Harrison Whitefish 17:32
174.Patrick McGunagle Whitefish 18:05
188.Michael Samdahl Whitefish 18:09
192.Byron Bard Whitefish 18:13
253.Nick Donovan Whitefish 19:42

Junior Varsity Boys Team Results: (50 scoring teams)

31. Whitefish 876

Junior Varsity Boys Individual Results:

82. Wes Beougher Whitefish 18:41
96. Dylan Rice Whitefish 18:56
103.Baxter Graham Whitefish 19:03
268.Tucker Chambers Whitefish 21:58
327.Christopher Reyna Whitefish 24:20
330.Ryan Rice Whitefish 24:28
335.Marshall Opal Whitefish 24:58
341.Dietrich Perchy Whitefish 26:07

Comments on the Meet

The Whitefish Boys and Girls cross country teams traveled to Missoula to participate, along with 56 other teams, in the Mountain West Classic on the University of Montana Golf Course.

"What a great meet. How can it get any better than this meet. 1200 high school runners, all running themselves into exhaustion. For what reason? That's simple. For the Glory. For their team. For themselves. It was great!"

The Lady Bulldogs had another fantastic race as they finished 7th in the large field.

"Our team was the top team from our classification. We really wanted to see what the other teams from the Class A schools had. The best were here, and it was a great opportunity to race against them prior to the State Championships to be held in Helena next month."

Class AA powerhouse teams Bozeman, Billings Senior and Billings West sweep the top three team spots in the girls race, and they were followed in the results by Spokane team from Mead and Lewis & Clark.

"We placed 18th here last season, and I was very happy with that performance. So I'm pretty excited about our young ladies performance today."

Loni Hanson was the top runner for the Lady Bulldogs finishing in 43rd place with a personal best time of 19:31. Teammate Lauren Kuennen was close by with her 52nd place finish in 19:42.

"Loni had a really nice race. She handled the big hill in the middle of the race very well. She's one of our top guns, so to speak, and it's great to see her chase after the best. Lauren also had another strong race. As long as these two are running as they are, we will continue to have great results. They both are highly motivated and have set high goals for themselves. I really like their aggressiveness in their racing."

Freshman Stella Holt and Bailey Eaton finished in 66th and 73rd places, respectively to give the Whitefish teams.

"Wow, to have to freshman finish so well in such a large meet is really something. Both ran personal best times, and are giving us an indication of how strong our team will be for the next couple of years. Usually, running in such a large crowd can be intimidating, but these two manage to find a way to keep moving up through the field."

Clare Miller and Kelly Beiser also had fine performances as they finished close behind in 80th and 86th positions.

"In our sport, the team is only as strong as your fifth runner. It's nice to have such a fast fifth and sixth runner to give us an edge over most of the other teams."

"I was asked by someone if I was disappointed that we didn't win the meet. We had come into the competition winning the first three that we attended. My answer was an easy one. Winning is fun, but it's striving for the win that most important. I thought our young ladies did a great job of competing against great teams. Bozeman, Billings Senior and Billings West are great teams. They are easily the fastest teams in the state for girls. It just shows how strong the sport of cross country is in the state of Montana. We ran very well at this meet last year and finished in 18th place, so how would I ever be disappointed with a top ten finish. I believe this was the best race the lady bulldogs have ever run. I'm never disappointed with a team that does their best."

The Bulldog boys team also had very good results with their team placing. They were led individually by Drew Coco (13th in 15:50) and Erik Anderson (84th in 16:59).

"Drew and Erik had really nice races. They are really coming around. It's fun to see them compete a such a high level. I think that they can continue to improve as we move through the season, and I think that there are even better performances in store for them. I also thought that Michael Harrison had a very nice race as well, as he closed the gap a bit between himself and Erik."

Michael Harrison (140th - 17:32), Patrick McGunagle (174th - 18:05), and Michael Samdahl (188th in 18:09) rounded out the team scoring for the Bulldogs.

"The boys keep improving. That's what we'll need to continue to do if we're going to be able to compete with the best teams at the end of the season."

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