Mountain West Classic - 2013

Mountain West Classic
University of Montana Golf Course
Missoula, MT

Varsity Boys Team Scores:

23. Whitefish 697 pts

Individual Results:

98. EJ Havens, 12 Whitefish 16:49
121. Thomas Henson, 12 Whitefish 16:59
132. Caleb Knox, 12 Whitefish 17:06
151. Keaton Grove, 11 Whitefish 17:13
216. Ethan Lannaghan, 10 Whitefish 17:47
235. Keaton Nicholson, 12 Whitefish 17:57
301. Christian Newby, 11 Whitefish 18:45
JV151. Henry Holt, 12 Whitefish 19:07
JV168. Santos Parra, 10 Whitefish 19:21
JV173. Ethan Potthoff, 9 Whitefish 19:24
JV179. Farris Henderson, 10 Whitefish 19:30
JV193. Tanner Brock, 12 Whitefish 19:47
JV201. Holden Roberts, 12 Whitefish 19:55
JV328. Sage Cornelius, 9 Whitefish 19:59
JV403. Dillon Lawrence, 10 Whitefish 20:39
JV404. Jansen Anderson, 9 Whitefish 20:40
JV492. Cody Cassaza, 9 Whitefish 22:09
100. James Heil, 9 Whitefish 23:05

Varsity Girls Team Scores:

39. Whitefish

Girls Individual Results:

206. Peyton Twete, 11 Whitefish 21:37
209. Sloan Ellis, 12 Whitefish 21:38
210. Katie Smith, 10 Whitefish 21:40
256. Annika Gordon, 10 Whitefish 22:19
275. Maya Gordon, 12 Whitefish 22:32
307. Kennah Fuller, 10 Whitefish 23:14
JV58. Sara Parez, 10 Whitefish 21:44
JV281. Emily Lyga, 9 Whitefish 25:11
JV322.Greta Roberts, 9 Whitefish 25:58
JV340.Makkie Haller, 9 Whitefish 26:20
JV345.Sydney Archibald, 9 Whitefish 26:28
JV369. Kate Ehrenberg, 10 Whitefish 27:08
JV390. Teigen Tremper, Whitefish 28:15
JV421. Sonoka Maruyama, 12 Whitefish 30:29


The Mountain West Classic Cross Country Meet held in Missoula the last Saturday in September each year is quite an event. Nearly ninety teams from Montana, Idaho and Washington all show up to test themselves against the course, the weather and each other in the sport of distance running.

Although finishing well in the team standings is a bonus, just being able to run in such a top caliber meet is a highlight for any high school distance runner. The Whitefish Boys and Girls cross country teams had the opportunity to be part of the action as both teams competed in the huge event this past Saturday.

The Bulldog boys finished in 23rd place in the team standings with 697 points. EJ Havens (98th in 16:49), Thomas Henson (121st in 16:59), Caleb Knox (132nd in 17:06), Keaton Grove (151st in 17:13) and Ethan Lannaghan (216th in 17:47) were the top five runners for WHS.

"We were really pleased with the boy's results", commented Coach Sara Brist. "This is the first race of the season that we've had these five runners compete in the same race. They will continue to improve as the season progresses. So we feel confident that we will be ready for the championship meets at the end of the season."

The Lady Bulldogs had a nice meet, as well. The team finished in 39th place. The team was led by Peyton Twete (206th in 21:37), Sloan Ellis (209th in 21:38), Katie Smith (210th in 21:40), Annika Gordon (256th in 22:19) and Maya Gordon (275th in 22:32) in the scoring positions.

"Our ladies ran very well, " said Brist. "They are coming along nicely. I felt our top five ran as a tight group today, and that was helpful in the team scoring. I was also pleased with the performance of Kennah Fuller and Sara Perez. They both did a fantastic job. They are continuing to improve and they do a great job in backing up our top five. Sara Perez's time would have put her right with our top varsity runners today."

"The Mountain West meet is such a fun experience for all of the runners. It's a great course, and with so many teams and athletes, it really gives the runners a chance to see what the highest levels of competition can reach. It's quite a bit tougher than even our state championship meet, so we really love to mix it up with all the great teams from Washington and Idaho," Brist added.

The Whitefish teams are back in action on Thursday at the Thompson Falls Invitational.