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The Newsletter of WHS Cross Country -- August 1, 2007

Practice begins on August 13th (Monday)

The first practice for the fall cross country season will be held at 8:00 am near the entrance to the Whitefish High School Track facility. We will meet at 8:00 am for each morning for the first two weeks of practice, and following that period we will meet at 4:00 pm.

The Libby Invitational is the First Trip!

The first meet of the season will be held in Libby on Friday, just two weeks and five days from the first day of practice.

The Libby meet has moved from it's traditional course to a new course at J. Neils Park. The course is a mixture of grass, dirt paths and some pavement. Runners will cross the Kootenai River via an old railroad bridge. Wow! Sounds like a unique experience to me. I think this could be a fun change.

Remember that in order to participate in the meet a runner must have completed a minimum of ten practice days prior to the meet. We will have (optional) Saturday practices for the first two weeks to help some of you to have a better chance at achieving the necessary amount of practices before the first meet.

I'd love to have a full bus for this trip, so get everything taken care of early!

Paperwork must be filled out to participate in Practice as part of the team.

Please come with a copy of your physical. If you have not gotten one yet, please make an appointment today! Don't wait to have this done. I'm not allowed to let you practice with the team until you have turned one in. The participation sheet must be signed by you and one of your parents, and don't forget that one of your parents must attend the mandatory sports meeting. If they have not attended one of these meetings, they should contact our athletic director, Jackie Fuller.

Team Camping Trip Scheduled for August

All members of this falls boys and girls cross country teams are invited to attend the second Whitefish Cross Country Team Camp. This camp will take place August 24 , with the camp being at the Fish Creek Campground in Glacier Park. We will leave for camp on Friday, following the time trial and will return from camp on Saturday at 6:00 pm. Please contact me if you have questions regarding this activity. We'll talk more about the camp during the first couple of practices.

Back to School Bash - Sept. 5th, 5-8 PM

CARE and the Whitefish School District are hosting a big community wide celebration to welcome students back to a new year of learning, activities and development. Our sport program, as well as the rest of the WHS sports programs, have been invited to participate in the Back to School Bash on Wednesday evening, Septemeber 5th between 5 and 8 pm at the Smith Fields.

The plan is that CARE will provide a carnival like atmosphere with tents, group signs and balloons. Apparently there will be a live, on-air broadcast during the event. BBQ Burgers, etc, will be provided for dinner, along with raffle tickets and door prizes. There will also be music and a dunking booth.

Our program will be expected to provide 1)a game or activity for all ages of kids, It suggests some activity to show off our specialty. 2) Information about our program (flyers, etc), tables or equipment for our activity and information (set up at 4pm).

This sounds like a fun way to show off our sport to others. Since the other sports will all be there, I would expect us to participate as well. I think that we can set up our tent, and I'll provide tables, etc. We can most likely come up with a game or two such as DB Speedplay, or our new FG Speedplay to the event. Maybe we have a contest for some kind of running activity? Sounds like we could have fun at an event like this.

Recruiting for XC will provide a Varsity Letter point

Remember that we want a lot of runners our for cross country. I currently have a list of 42 runners that will be returning for the fall. I have another list of 22 individuals that have expressed an interest in joining the cross country program. (Maybe the expressed interest was more for free pizza, so we'll probably need to have a lot of pizza nights throughout the season to keep them out.)

I will award one varsity point for recruiting any new individual to come out for the season. Since every individual can run, regardless of how fast, everyone can have the opportunity to participate in cross country. As most of you know, XC is about running, but it's also about having fun, and meeting new friends. It's about going to fun meets, and having team dinners and activities throughout the season. We had sixty runners out last season, I think that would be fine again this season. So..... get your friends, and anyone that isn't involved in another school activity out for our sport.

Uniforms and Team Bags

My records show that some of you still have uniforms and bags from last season. Please bring them with you to the first practice, so that I can get them ready for you again this season. I will bring a list of those individuals that still have them with me to practice. Please don't make me remind you to bring them.

Be Sure to get new Training shoes for the upcoming season

Be sure you have a relatively new pair of running shoes before the season starts. There are plenty of place to buy running shoes. The Sportsman has a several models of there running shoes so they don't have to be ordered. Be sure to try on several to see which model works best for you. Your footwear is the one place that you will want to invest a few dollars into, because if you get the correct pair it will help you through the season without injury. Feel free to ask me for advice.

Racing and Training - Fall 2007


Daily Training Schedule:

MondayEasier day
TuesdaySpecific workout day (moderate to hard)
WednesdayEasier day (Game-day)
ThursdaySpecific workout day or race day (moderate to hard)
FridayEasier day
SaturdayRace day
SundayLong run or off depending upon individual

Multivitamins - An Insurance policy

With the running you'll be doing this fall, you may want to think about adding a multivitamin to your diet. The question of whether or not a runner receives all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, as well as minerals in a typical diet is up to question for most. If you are putting in the effort and the time to improve as an athlete, why not try to insure that you are receiving enough vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

Runners are notorious for being low on their iron stores due to lost of the mineral via sweat loss, and through the pounding of red blood cells through the bottom of your feet while running. Distance runners and endurance athletes need to keep there ferratin levels high due to the importance of iron in the oxygen transport process which is directly related to a runners ability to successfully handle endurance workouts and races. Please discuss, with your parents, the possibility of adding a multivitamin with iron to your diet. (3 times a week)

WHS XC Coaches:

Bill Brist
Sara Brist

Phone 755-6991