Class A State - 2008

Class A State
U of M Golf Course, Missoula MT
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls Team Scores

1. Whitefish 43
2. Lewistown 89
3. Hamilton 101
4. Glendive 121
5. Laurel 171
6. Dillon 193
7. Havre 243
8. Columbia Falls 246
9. Polson 255
10. Frenchtown 293
11. Belgrade 298
12. Hardin 309
13. Ronan 335
14. Sidney 352
15. Corvallis 367
16. Miles City 420
17. Browning 425
18. Billing Central 430
19. Anaconda 557
. Bigfork no score
. Libby no score
. Livingston no score

Girls Individual Results

2. Jackie Cassidy Whitefish 18:53 - All State
5. Loni Hanson Whitefish 19:13 - All State
8. Stella Holt Whitefish 19:27 All - State
13.Jessica Sagen Whitefish 19:47 - All State
15.Bailey Eaton Whitefish 19:48 - All State
21.Natalie Kearns Whitefish 20:19
25.Kelly Beiser Whitefish 20:36

Boys Team Scores

1. Hamilton 77
2. Columbia Falls 125
3. Dillon 149
4. Lewistown 151
5. Havre 158
6. Browning 164
7. Frenchtown 217
8. Corvallis 229
9. Ronan 245
10. Laurel 255
11. Polson 299
12. Whitefish 311 * won tie breaker
13. Hardin 311
14. Glendive 328
15. Belgrade 375
16. Billings Central 421
17. Libby 503
18. Anaconda 548
. Bigfork no score
. Livingston no score
. Miles City no score

Boy's Individual Results

1. Drew Coco Whitefish 15:26 - All State (fastest time of all classifications)
40. Patrick McGunagle Whitefish 17:35
61. Nathan Knox Whitefish 18:17
104. Kaleb Prestegaard Whitefish 19:41
105. Daniel Rivera Whitefish 19:42
109. Will Holdhusen Whitefish 19:56
118. Dietrich Perchy Whitefish 20:33

Comments on the Meet:

The Whitefish Lady Bulldogs Cross Country teams are State Champions once again. Drew Coco wins his first state title with the fastest time of the day. It was a great day for cross country at Missoula's U of M golf course on Saturday.

Jackie Cassidy, Loni Hanson and Stella Holt led the team out of the gate, while Jessica Sagen and Bailey Eaton followed closely behind. The plan was to get out quick and challenge the rest of the state's teams to keep up. Hamilton seemed up for the challenge as their top five were right behind the Bulldog runners at the mile mark. It was then that the pack broke up and the front group, following Frenchtown's Emily Schall, began to pull away.

At the two mile mark it was Kayla Carlson of Bigfok along with Schall in the lead by about twenty meters over Lewistown's Brook Rogers and our own Jackie Cassidy. Stella Holt and Loni Hanson were both close by running in the top ten, with Jessica and Bailey also running in the top fifteen.

By the time the lead runners hit the final 400 meters of the course, it was Jackie Cassidy in the lead with Rogers following closely. "Although Jackie wasn't able to hold off the finishing sprint of the Lewistown runner in the final stretch run, she did a great job of racing today. To be racing for an individual state championship in her first season is pretty amazing."

Defending champion Loni Hanson, recovering from sickness that limited her at last weekends divisional meet, finished up well by placing fifth in the talent loaded event.

"Loni really came out to race today. At the two mile mark you could see that she was not going to go down without a fight. She really ran the last mile strong to move up in the standings. I know she would have liked to have been up front with her teammate, but sometimes you have to deal with adversity. I wasn't sure she'd be healthy enough to help us today. It was a day by day deal with her. I'm glad to see that she was able to compete. It shows that she has a lot of tenacity."

Stella Holt also had a strong race, as she went out with the lead pack and stayed close the entire race finished in the eighth position. "Stella is a tough runner. She just plain gets after it. She is not afraid to mix it up to see where it will end up. She just missed All State last year as a freshman, so I know that she wanted to get up front and compete with the best today."

Bailey and Jessica rounded out the top five scores with their finishes of 13th and 15th. This helped the Lady Bulldogs to the State Title with a low score of 43 points. This was seven points less than last season, when they won their first ever state championship.

"Having five runners finish in the top fifteen, earning all state, was fantastic. We knew it was possible, but to actually accomplish it, that was our goal."

Lewistown finished second with 89 points, while Hamilton ended up third with 111 points.

"It was actually a very competitive meet. Last season the second place team had 146 points. The other teams have improved a lot since last season. I know Hamilton was out to knock us off., and Lewistown has really come on since last season. I was thrilled to see that we could run up to our best at the most important meet of the season."

Drew Coco finished out his senior season in style with a individual state championship. He led the Bulldog boys to 12th place in the team standings.

"Drew accomplished quite a bit this season. He won his first state championship by running the fastest time of all classes. He's had a fantastic career and by winning his final race, he finished his season undefeated against all levels of competition."

"The boys team did a great job today. It was their best performance of the season. I felt that if we ran great we could finish in the top twelve. That's where we ended. The whole team did their best today."

Senior Patrick McGunagle finished in 40th position with a time of 17:35. Nathan Knox finished in 61st place, while Kaleb Prestegaard and Daniel Riviera rounded out the team scoring with their finishes of 104th and 105th placings.

"We kind of started out in a hole this season, with only two letter winners returning. At the beginning of the season we had only two boys that could finish three miles under 22 minutes. To end up 12th in the State meet is quite an accomplishment for this team."

"I think that the underclass runners have learned a lot, and have seen that it is possible to be competitive. It's a matter of miles and time for this young group to make a move up to the top standings."