Class A State - 2009

Class A State
U of M Golf Course, Missoula MT
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls Team Results:

1. Whitefish 59
2. Glendive 74
3. Lewistown 91
4. Hamilton 187
5. Columbia Falls 226
6. Hardin 226
7. Dillon 251
8. Browning 261
9. Laurel 272
10. Belgrade 280
11. Polson 283
12. Corvallis 295
13. Miles City 335
14. Anaconda 354
15. Havre 361
16. Sidney 362
17. Frenchtown 375
18. Ronan 446
19. Livingston 511
Libby no score
Billings Central no score
Butte Central no score

Individual results:

5. Jessica Sagen, 11 Whitefish 19:32 (All State)
6. Bailey Eaton, 11 Whitefish 19:38 (All State)
7. Loni Hanson, 12 Whitefish 19:51 (All State)
18. Hannah Weaver, 12 Whitefish 20:19
23 Carly Schwickert, 11 Whitefish 20:26
34. Jackie Cassidy, 11 Whitefish 20:59
56. Anne Miller, 12 Whitefish 21:41

Boys Team Results:

1. Columbia Falls 64
2. Browning 97
3. Laurel 127
4. Lewistown 128
5. Corvallis 154
6. Frenchtown 172
7. Hamilton 225
8. Billings Central 231
9. Havre 281
10. Belgrade 287
11. Glendive 293
12. Ronan 301
13. Whitefish 307
14. Hardin 342
15. Livingston 352
16. Dillon 363
17. Polson 400
18. Anaconda 419
19. Libby 537
Miles City no score
Butte Central no score

Boys Individual Results:

24. Nathan Knox, 11 Whitefish 17:20
64. Jace Kalbfleisch, 9 Whitefish 18:10
72. Baxter Graham, 11 Whitefish 18:18
73. Fischer Gangemi, 9 Whitefish 18:18
74. Chris Reyna, 11 Whitefish 18:18
101. Will Holdhusen, 10 Whitefish 18:47
128. Francisco Valle, 12 Whitefish 20:25


Another successful season of cross country has come to an end for the Whitefish Cross Country teams. The girls finished the season reaching the team goal that it had set at the beginning of the season. That goal... winning the team title of State Champion. The Lady Bulldogs won the team championship with a score of 59 points, which was 15 points better than runner up Glendive. Lewistown finished in the third position with 91 points.

"It seemed a lot closer after the race had just finished. Glendive and Lewistown came to compete, and they did. Both teams had great races, and I wasn't sure of the outcome until just prior to awarding of team trophies. I knew that our young ladies ran well, but with Glendive putting four runners in the top fifteen, I just wasn't sure. Fifteen points is a fair margin, but it's a bit closer than we've seen the past couple of seasons. I would have been happy with even a one point margin."

Jessica Sagen led the team with her 5th place finish. She was followed through the chute by Bailey Eaton in 6th, and Loni Hanson in 7th. Hannah Weaver came across the line in 18th place, while Carly Schwickert rounded out the team scoring in 23rd place. Jackie Cassady (34th) and Anne Miller (56th) also ran well to secure the Bulldogs the team win.

"Jessica had a great day today. She came in with a goal to be in the top five, and she achieved that. I was pleased with her race. She struggled with illness last weekend, so for her to rebound so quickly really helped the team out today."

"Both Bailey and Loni had missed the first half of the week with illness, so to have them back in the lineup for this race was a blessing. I don't think either were at full strength, but both put individual goals aside and went out and did their best for the team. I think that really shows their spirit."

"Bailey wanted that individual championship today. She was with the leaders for the first couple of miles, but wasn't quite up to the level that she has raced all season. I know that she wanted more, but her efforts really helped us in the team scoring. She'll have another shot at the individual title next year."

"Loni has been impressive her entire career. She was sick last year at state, and was less than completely healthy at this meet. I was impressed with how she approached the race, and the effort she put forth. She ran smart and was able to move her way through the field. She's more of a front runner, but wasn't able to run that way today. Her 7th place finish was worth a ton to us as a team today."

"Hannah, Carly, Jackie and Anne all had very good races. It's was fun to see them contribute to the teams success. This was the first State competition for Hannah and Anne. With both of them being seniors, and helping to win a State Championship, I was especially excited for them."

The Bulldog boys team also had a fine meet. They finished in 13th place out of the 21 team in attendance with a team score of 307 points. Columbia Falls won the team title with Laurel finishing in third place with 127 points.

Nathan Knox led the boys with his 24th place finish. Jace Kalbfleisch came across in 64th position as the teams second finisher. Baxter Graham (72nd), Fischer Gangemi (73rd) and Chris Reyna (74th) all converged at the finish line together and shared the time of 18:18. Will Holdhusen (101st) and Francisco Valle (128th) rounded out the team placings.

"The boys team achieved their main goal for this years state meet. That goal was to run the best they could on the day, and to gain experience for next year. All season long this young team has gained experience and desire. This meet was no different. I've been impressed with their attitudes and their willingness to work. There is no doubt in my mind that with another year to develop, this group have the potential to reach the highest level next year."

"Nathan Knox had a great season, and his race today was solid. He's come a long way in a short time. I've been very impressed with his running."

"Jace has shown tremendous potential. He's done fantastic things for a first year runner. With a bit more time and work, the possibilities are endless."

"This boys team has the right attitude towards the work that it will take to make them a great team. With the addition of a couple of young runners next year, and the return of Dietrich Perchy from a mid season injury, this teams future is very exciting."