Class A State - 2010

Class A State
Helena MT
Saturday, October 23, 2010

Girls Team Results:

1. Whitefish 80
2. Lewistown 88
3. Polson 100
4. Corvallis 126
5. Glendive 137
6. Havre 218
7. Browning 236
8. Columbia Falls 244
9. Laurel 246
10. Belgrade 303
11. Frenchtown 312
12. Billings Central 339
13. Hamilton 345
14. Dillon 352
15. Anaconda 359
16. Miles City 397
17. Livingston 414
18. Hardin 416
19. Ronan 475
20. Sidney 536
Libby no score
Butte Central no score

Individual results:

5. Jessica Sagen, 12 Whitefish 19:33 (All State)
6. Carly Schwickert, 12 Whitefish 19:33 (All State)
11. Stella Holt, 12 Whitefish 19:54 (All State)
13. Jackie Cassidy, 12 Whitefish 19:59 (All State)
45. Bailey Eaton, 12 Whitefish 21:26
78. Anne Gustenhoff, 11 Whitefish 22:24
88. Emma Marchetti, 10 Whitefish 22:42

Boys Team Results

1. Corvallis 81
2. Whitefish 124
3. Belgrade 125
4. Browning 153
5. Columbia Falls 188
6. Livingston 198
7. Havre 204
8. Glendive 223
9. Anaconda 258
10. Laurel 259
11. Lewistown 269
12. Hamilton 273
13. Billings Central 289
14. Polson 314
15. Dillon 323
16. Ronan 365
17. Frenchtown 366
18. Hardin 366
19. Libby 613
. Butte Central no score
. Miles City no score

Boys Individual Results:

12. Nathan Knox, 12 Whitefish 17:05
13. Fischer Gangemi, 10 Whitefish 17:06
19. Mathias Komarek, 12 Whitefish 17:22
24. Jace Kalbfleisch, 10 Whitefish 17:32
56. Jeff Heinrichs, 12 Whitefish 18:06
64. Will Holdhusen, 11 Whitefish 18:15
96. Dietrich Perchy, 12 Whitefish 19:04


The Whitefish Bulldog teams had a successful state championship meet in Helena this past weekend. The team results have never been better. A State Championship for the girls (their fourth in the past four years), and a Second place by the boys team (the highest they have ever achieved).

The girls team was led by Jessica Sagen (5th) and Carly Schwickert (6th). They both finished with a time of 19:33. Stella Holt came in 11th place, while Jackie Cassidy ended up in 13th position. They were all awarded with All State status for the finishes. Teammate Bailey Eaton had been leading the group at just over 2 miles, but ran into trouble in the final 200 meters of the race.

"Bailey came into my view with only fifty meters to go. She was weaving as she attempted to reach the finish line. It looked like she couldn't control her right leg. She'd try to run forward, lose her balance and fall to the ground. Then she would pick her self up, grab a breath, and try to go forward again. She did this a total of three times as she slowly made her way to the finish area. It took her nearly two minutes to cover the distance that would normally take her 35 seconds. In that time, runners kept going past."

"The entire mass of spectators were urging her on, as well as her teammates in the finish area. I knew that if she could make it across that finish line, they still might win the state team title. I also knew that if she gave up, or passed out completely, They would not reach their team goal. It was all up to her at that point. She didn't let her teammates down. After her final fall, she got up on her hands and knees and crawled the final 5 feet to the finish line and collapsed. It was an amazing spectacle. I felt so bad for her to go through such an ordeal, yet I felt amazed that she kept getting back up after each fall."

Bailey finished in 45th position in 21:26, over two minutes off her typical finish for the distance. Yet it was enough for the Lady Bulldogs to win the State Team Championship.

Anne Gustenhoff (78th) and Emma Marchetti (88th) rounded out the team finishes for the Whitefish team.

"I was very pleased with how all of the girls performed. I was also relieved when I found out that they had won. It was a much tougher victory than we expected. It looked like we were in control prior to the finish stretch. It just goes to show, the race isn't over until all the runners pass that finish line."

"Jess, Carly, Stella, Jackie and Bailey have had a heck of a career for us. In the past four years they've been a big part of the success of this program. The fact that they could finish it up undefeated against Class A competition for that entire time is simply amazing. We will miss these seniors next season."

Yet, with the improvement made this season by younger runners like Emma Marchetti, Maya Gordon, Torrey Coe, and Samantha Eason, the Lady Bulldogs show the potential to be competitive for years to come.

The Bulldog Boys team came to the meet with high goals of their own. After watching the girls win four in a row, it was their turn to try. They came close, coming in second with 124 points. Corvallis had a fantastic meet and won the title with a low score of 81 points. Belgrade ended up in third place just one point behind the Whitefish team.

The second place earned by Nathan Knox (12th), Fischer Gangemi (13th), Mathias Komarek (19th), Jace Kalbfleisch (24th) and Jeffrey Heinrichs (56th) is the highest finish ever for the boys cross country program. There have been 3 different third place finishes in the past, but never higher.

"Nathan and Fischer earned All State Honors with their finishes. They all ran great. The sun came out for the Class A race, and it heated up quickly. Every one of our guys had the confidence to keep their cool on the super quick first mile, and then came back strong in the second mile to work their way back into trophy contention. I was very impressed with their ability to move through the field."

Will Holdhusen (64th) and Dietrich Perchy (96th) both ran strong races to help the team effort.

"Our boys finished 13th at State last season. For them to complete such a dramatic turnabout is such a short time is fantastic. I think that this team has jump started the boys program. With Fischer, Jace and Will all coming back next season, along with Elias Taylor, Tanner Brock, Spencer Hale, Henry Holt and Caleb Knox. It gives our program a solid base to build upon in an attempt to move that one spot higher in the results. I think the boys would love to reach that top spot. They've had the opportunity to watch what it takes to win a state title from our girls team. I think they would agree that it's time for them to reach for that final step next season. Of course there are several other teams that have that same goal."