Class A State - 2012

State A Cross Country Championships
Bill Roberts Golf Course
Helena, MT
Saturday, October 20, 2012

Class A Boy's Team Results:

1. Whitefish 96
2. Hamilton 108
3. Fergus 131
4. Belgrade 147
5. Laurel 167
6. Hardin 181
7. Corvallis 202
8. Dawson County 219
9. Browning 244
10. Beaverhead County 260
11. Park 271
12. Polson 303
13. Havre 314
14. Columbia Falls 392
15. Anaconda 394
16. Billings Central 410
17. Frenchtown 411
18. Butte Central 411
19. Custer County 482
20. Sidney 547

Boys Individual Results

1, Layne Lantis, Dawson County, 16:01
2, Tyler Mogan, Laurel, 16:02
3, Jonathan Eastwood, Belgrade, 16:09
4, Fischer Gangemi, Whitefish, 16:10 All State
5, Jace Kalbfleisch, Whitefish, 16:26 All State
6, Aidan Theard, Anaconda, 16:36
7, Anthony Schmalz, Hamilton, 16:39
8, Colton Hegdal, Belgrade, 16:40
9, Charles Vance, Park, 16:40
10, Easton Albert, Hamilton, 16:42
11, Cameron Miekle, Hamilton, 16:46
12, Trei Bulluck, Fergus, 16:47
13, Marc Klimas, Havre, 16:48
14, Sage Schoonen, Beaverhead County, 16:54
15, Gunnar Nabozney, Frenchtown, 16:57
20, Caleb Knox, Whitefish, 17:17
23, Keaton Grove, Whitefish, 17:28
44, Thomas Henson, Whitefish, 18:01
45, Waylon Roberts, Whitefish, 18:04
50, Elias Taylor, Whitefish, 18:09

Class A Girl's Team Results

1. Corvallis 56,
2. Fergus 79,
3. Laurel 137,
4. Hamilton 154,
5. Dawson County 156,
6. Polson 160,
7. Havre 161,
8. Columbia Falls 226,
9. Whitefish 244,
10. Beaverhead County 259,
11. Billings Central 280,
12. Belgrade 326,
13. Hardin 327,
14. Custer County 343,
15. Park 350,
16. Browning 368,
17. Frenchtown 429,
18. Sidney 522.

Girls Individual Results:

27, Sarah Latcham, Whitefish, 20:48
42, Peyton Twete, Whitefish, 21:17
57, Barrett Gray, Whitefish, 21:43
60, Autumn Fisher, Whitefish, 21:55
63, Sloan Ellis, Whitefish, 22:07
73, Emma Marchetti, Whitefish, 22:32
79, Samantha Eason, Whitefish, 22:48


The Whitefish Bulldog boys cross country team finally did it! At the 49th annual MHSA Montana State High School Cross Country Championships, the Bulldog team came away with a hard-fought victory in the Class A championship. It is the first time that the WHS boys have won a state title in the sport of cross country. Second place went to Hamilton, while Fergus County (Lewistown) finished in third place.

The Bulldogs were led by Fischer Gangemi and Jace Kalbflesich. The two WHS seniors finished in the top five to earn All-State honors. Caleb Knox (20th) and Keaton Grove (23rd) helped the green and gold with their top twenty-five finishes. Thomas Henson (44th), Waylon Roberts (45th) and Elias Taylor (50th) all helped to solidify the win with their finishes. Keaton Nicholson and Zach Blumhardt were alternates for the boy's state team.

The Lady Bulldogs competed in the very first race of the day. They found the conditions to be tough with not only the weather, but with the strong teams in attendance. Corvallis won the meet for the second straight year, while WHS ended up in ninth place for the meet.

Sarah Latcham finished in 27th place to lead the Whitefish runners. Peyton Twete (42nd) and Barrett Gray (57th) were next across the line for the Lady Bulldogs. Autum Fisher (60th), Sloan Ellis (63rd), Emma Marchetti (73rd) and Samantha Eason (79th) rounded out the team scoring. Andrea Lamoureux and Annika Gordon were alternates for the girl's state team.

The Whitefish boys' team first started running cross country in 1997. They have earned the third place trophy in 2000, 2006 & 2007 and placed 2nd in 2010. The WHS girls have won four team state titles (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010).

"Hamilton was considered by most to be the favorite based upon their performance at the Mountain West Meet, earlier this year. They had a fantastic meet there, and they were solid all season. Our boys were able to come in ahead of them at the Ronan Invitational, and we've had a lot of improvement since then. So, we figured that we had a great shot of winning the team Championship."

"Fischer and Jace went out with the lead pack. They were both trying their best to win the race individually. The new course and the windy conditions made it a challenge for everyone. They both did a nice job of mixing it up with the best. By placing in the top five they both did a great job of putting us in the position to fight it out for the title. Hamilton put their top three in the first eleven, so they looked pretty good. Then Caleb and Keaton came across before their number four to put us in a great position. At that point it was a matter of waiting to see which team's fifth runner came across first to seal the deal."

"Time seemed to slow while we waited, but then we saw the bright gold of our team uniforms come into view. Thomas, Waylon and Elias were racing down the finish stretch, and they were all just in front of the final scorer for Hamilton. The fact that our sixth and seventh runner finished ahead of Hamilton's number five, it added points to the Bronc's team score. That helped to earn our team the state title."

"Although results were promised to be available immediately, we were unable to hear or see them. So, we had to wait until it was announced for the teams to take the stand before we knew for sure that our Bulldogs had won the race. It was a fantastic way to win with all of our runners having a part in the final outcome."

"Our boys have had the opportunity to watch the Lady Bulldog teams win state titles, and it's been a big goal for them to achieve the same level of success. When the team placed second two years ago, they really came to believe that they had a chance to win. It's been an exciting group to work with and I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to help them reach their goal. They've been dreaming of that fire truck ride for a number of years now."

"Our girls did a nice job. Sarah did a commendable job for her first state race. The competition was fierce out there today. I think all of the girls ran well. It's just that a lot of other girls ran well, also. We finished in the top half of the field, and that's pretty good for having so many new runners on our squad this season. I really think that this team has the potential to reach that trophy level. It's a matter of gaining experience and then having the confidence and mileage to get there. We certainly have a lot of talent on this ladies team, with more time, running and luck, they have the ability to get back on that podium."