Whitefish Invitational - 2008

Whitefish Invitational
Campus Course
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girls Team Scores:

1. Whitefish 15
2. Columbia Falls 50
3. Libby - no score

Girls Individual Results:

1. Loni Hanson Whitefish 19:03
2. Jackie Cassidy Whitefish 19:10
3. Jessica Sagen Whitefish 19:13
4. Stella Holt Whitefish 19:27
5. Bailey Eaton Whitefish 19:56
6. Natalie Kearns Whitefish 20:38
7. Kelly Beiser Whitefish 20:44
8. Beth Donovan Whitefish 20:57
10.Hannah Weaver Whitefish 20:09
15.Elizabeth Stevenson Whitefish 21:52
16.Megan Shaver Whitefish 22:00
18.Breanna Leggitt Whitefish 22:04
20.Anne Miller Whitefish 22:34
21.Nicole Birk Whitefish 23:34
26.Katrina Brown Whitefish 25:30
27.Simona Eicher Whitefish 26:24

Boys Team Scores:

1. Columbia Falls 23
2. Whitefish 39
3. Libby 77

Boys Individual Results:

1. Drew Coco Whitefish 15:27 (meet and course record)
4. Patrick McGunagle Whitefish 17:08
8. Nathan Knox Whitefish 18:07
15.Will Holdhusen Whitefish 19:48
17.Kaleb Prestegaard Whitefish 19:53
18.Daniel Riveria Whitefish 20:00
20.Dietrich Perchy Whitefish 20:18
23.Chris Reyna Whitefish 21:32
24.Tucker Chambers Whitefish 21:35
26.Matthew Kennedy Whitefish 22:55
28.JJ Courtney Whitefish 23:17
29.Ryan Rice Whitefish 24:44

Middle School Boys Race - Team Results: (2 miles)

1. Whitefish 19
2. Col Falls 42

Middle School Boys - Individual Results:

1. Fischer Gangemi Whitefish 13:14
2. Henry Holt Whitefish 13:17
3. Jace Kalbfleisch Whitefish 13:24
6. Keaton Grove Whitefish 13:29
7. Spencer Faulk Whitefish 14:01
8. Sean Foley Whitefish 14:05
9. Auston Bergson Whitefish 14:27
10.Ian Cameron Whitefish 14:33
11.Jeremy Walker Whitefish 14:33
12.Sam Donaldson Whitefish 15:05
13.Brandon Maassen Whitefish 15:05
14.EJ Havens Whitefish 15:13
15.Zach Blunhardt Whitefish 15:36
17.Thomas Henson Whitefish 15:51
18.Hayden Eaton Whitefish 15:55
19.Holden Roberts Whitefish 16:06
20.Liam Walker Whitefish 18:10

Middle School Girls Race - Team Results: (2 miles)

1. Whitefish 24
2. Col Falls 32

Middle School Girls - Individual Results:

1. Marlow Schulz Whitefish 14:07
4. Caroline Carbo Whitefish 15:47
5. Torrey Coe Whitefish 15:50
6. Madison Grady Whitefish 16:57
7. Ashley Palmer Whitefish 17:01
8. Kyra Vorhies Whitefish 17:44
9. Cierra Collier Whitefish 19:51
11.Caitlin Mattern Whitefish 22:09


We've been waiting for cooler weather, but this was a bit colder than we would have like. It was cold, but nice, during the middle school race, but once the high school boys began to race the cold breeze began to blow. It still turned into a good day for the Whitefish boys team. Drew Coco led the Bulldogs with his new course and meet record of 15:27. He would have liked to have run under 15, but the day just wasn't quite right for that goal. Still to have run nearly a half minute faster than his winning time of last year was a great accomplishment.

"When looking at times from last year, there wasn't a whole lot of improvement for most of the returning runners. Conditions were not great, so improvement from last years times were few, and therefore, excellent for those who accomplished them."

Patrick McGunagle put a great effort in also, as he set a new personal best time of 17:08 for the 3 mile course as he placed fourth overall. "Pat looked really good today. He held his race together pretty well. It was a much better run than his last meet at Thompson Falls. Anytime a person runs their best, it's a good day."

Perhaps the best performance from the boys side may have been that of Nathan Knox. He placed 8th with a personal best time of 18:07. "Nathan has been a lot of fun to watch. He has a great future ahead of him with distance running. You can just see it in his eyes as he races. He worked his way through the field and ran a fantastic race finishing in the top ten in a good field. Nathan shows us that the future of the Bulldog boys team should be fine in the years to come."

Will Holhusen, Kaleb Prestegaard, Daniel Rivera and Dietrich Perchy all ran personal bests as well to round out the top seven scorers for Whitefish. "It was a really good day for the boys team. Even though we finished second to very good Columbia Falls team, we made nice strides to being a more competitive team for the upcoming championship meets that we have in front of us."

The girls had the first eight finishers in the race, and nine of the top ten. Loni Hanson repeated as the meet winner, with her time of 19:01. She was followed closely by teammates Jackie Cassidy (2nd in 19:10), and Jessica Sagen (3rd in 19:13). "This was a great run by Loni. She has been looking at getting back to the front of our pack since the Mtn. West race, and had a great race today to lead us once again. Jackie also had a great race with her new personal best time. She looked like she still had a lot left in the tank, so I think we'll only see her get faster as the season continues."

"Jessica Sagen really put on a show today. This was a huge race for her. She's been fighting a cold for the past couple of weeks, but she looked healthy today. This was a personal best for her by almost forty seconds. She runs through discomfort better than any runner I've worked with. She gave us an indication that she has some big things in front of her down the road."

Stella Holt, 4th in 19:27, and Bailey Eaton, 5th in 19:56 rounded out the top five with their sub twenty clockings. "Stella has had a couple of outstanding weeks for us. She had a huge day in Thompson Falls last week, and today had another strong finish. It just goes to show how strong this girls team is this season. You have a good day, and you may have three teammates ahead of you. You need a great day to lead this group. Bailey looked good as well. She was right there for the first two miles. I think we'll see her with the other four for the whole three miles by the state meet. That may not be good news for the rest of the State A."

Natalie Kearns, Kelly Besier, Beth Donovan and Hannah Weaver all finished well to place in the top ten. "Our team has super depth. Columbia Falls may be the second best team in the conference. So, it's not like they are a pushover. We just ran really well today. This is a tough team to run against right now."

"Elizabeth Stevenson, Megan Shaver, Breanna Leggitt and Anne Miller also ran really well today. So did Nicole Birk and Katrina Brown who both ran personal bests by over a minute each."

Also highlighting the event was a well attended middle school race. Twenty boys and eleven girls ran in the Jr. High race with Fisher Gangmei, Henry Holt and Jace Kalbfleisch led a 1-2-3 finish for the Whitefish team that won the meet 19 to 42 over the visiting Columbia Falls boys team. Marlow Schulz won the girls middle school race and led her team to a win, as well.