Whitefish Invitational - 2009

Whitefish Invitational
Campus Course
Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girls Team Results:

1. Whitefish 19
2. Thompson Falls 63
3. Columbia Falls 73
4. Frenchtown 96
5. Eureka 120
Libby no score
Plains no score

Individual results:

1. Loni Hanson, 12 Whitefish 18:34 (New Course Record - Old Record Bailey Eaton 18:58 2009) (New Meet Record - Old Record Hanson 18:59 2007)
2. Bailey Eaton, 11 Whitefish 18:48
3. Jessica Sagen, 11 Whitefish 18:49
6. Carly Schwickert, 11 Whitefish 19:45
9. Hannah Weaver, 12 Whitefish 19:50
13. Jackie Cassidy, 11 Whitefish 20:47
15. Anne Miller, 12 Whitefish 20:55
18. Liz Stevenson, 12 Whitefish 21:39
20. Nicole Birk, 10 Whitefish 21:56
36. Emma Marchetti, 9 Whitefish 24:34
43. Katrina Brown, 11 Whitefish 26:06
49. Justine Dugdale, 10 Whitefish 27:25
50. Haley Hill, 12 Whitefish 28:14

Boys Team Results

1. Frenchtown 45
2. Columbia Falls 52
3. Whitefish 64
4. Libby 114
5. Plains 119
6. Eureka 141
7. Thompson Falls 154

Boys Individual Results:

5. Nathan Knox, 11 Whitefish 16:42
11. Jace Kalbfleisch, 9 Whitefish 17:42
14. Fischer Gangemi, 9 Whitefish 17:52
16. Baxter Graham, 11 Whitefish 18:00
18. Chris Reyna, 11 Whitefish 18:07
20. Will Holdhusen, 10 Whitefish 18:11
29. Francisco Valle, 12 Whitefish 18:55
36. Spencer Hale, 9 Whitefish 19:35
37. Peter Seymour, 9 Whitefish 19:36
47. Matt Guitterez, 11 Whitefish 21:22
48. Matt Kennedy, 11 Whitefish 21:33
51. Jon Jacobs, 9 Whitefish 21:47
55. Zach Blumhardt, 9 Whitefish 22:16

Comments on the Meet:

The Bulldog runners love running at home. The Whitefish Cross Country teams were out to prove that if the weather is cold, all that they need is a quick pace to warm things up. The results show that it's going to take a lot more than cold temperatures to slow down the boys and girls from Whitefish.

It was Senior Loni Hanson that had the biggest race of the day for the Ladies team. She raced to a new meet and course record with her first place time of 18:34. Bulldog teammates Bailey Eaton and Jessica Sagen finished close behind in 2nd and 3rd, repectively.

"Loni was amazing today. She's been running well for years and has achieved quite a bit as a runner. Today was her best performance ever, including her state championship run two years ago. Her confidence level was on overdrive today, and she did what she needed to do to cross the finish line in first place."

"That's not an easy place to be with runners like Bailey Eaton (18:48), Jessica Sagen (18:49) and Frenchtown's Emily Schall breathing down your neck. I'm very impressed that she continues to improve each year. I think it goes a long way to show that the best year for a high school female runner is their senior year, if they are willing to keep at it."

"Bailey and Jess both ran fantastic races today as well. Both finished under the former meet and course records, as well. I think that both feel that if someone's going to finish ahead of them, it's going to take an outstanding effort."

Carly Schwickert (6th place, 19:45) and Hannah Weaver (9th palce, 19:50) both had great races, as well, as both finished under twenty minutes.

"Those are great times for Carly and Hannah. It was the first time Hannah has run under twenty minutes, which is a pretty big deal in our program. She's been working for that goal since she was a freshman runner. It's great to see her achieve that goal. I'm very pleased with both of their performances today."

Jackie Cassidy, Anne Miller and Nicole Birk also finished in the top twenty for the Lady Bulldogs.

"It seemed like every runner had a great day, which was amazing considering the weather. It was nice having Jackie back in the line-up again. Senior Anne Miller had the best race of her entire career. Katrina Brown, Justine Dugdale and Senior Haley Hill also ran their best times today. It was a great day for the Lady Bulldogs."

The Boys had a great day as well, as they finished in third place in the team standings. The team from Frenchtown came away with the victory as they finished with a low score of 45 points. Columbia Falls was second with 52 points. The bulldogs had 64 points.

"Frenchtown and Columbia Falls are both rated in the top five teams in Class A for boys cross country teams. We really weren't that far behind them. We had another solid performance out of this young team. They are showing me that they are hungry to be up there with the best. It's only going to be a matter of time and miles for this group."

Nathan Knox finished in fifth place with a personal best time of 16:42 to lead the Bulldog boys team. While Jace Kalbfleisch (11th), Fischer Gangemi (14th), Baxter Graham (16th), Chris Reyna (18th) and Will Holdhusen (20th) all finished in the top twenty for the Whitefish team.

"As with the ladies, these young men did a great job of competing today. I was happy with the results. Freshman Spencer Hale and Peter Seymour both had huge races today with both finishing under twenty minutes for the first time this season. I really feel great about the runners from front to back with their efforts today."

"Next up is the Northwest Divisional Championship race. I think that we're right where we want to be with our fitness level. I'm pretty sure that we'll be competitive with both the boys and girls teams. It's our goal to be competitive."