Whitefish Invitational - 2011

Whitefish Invitational
Campus Course
Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boys Team Results

1. Whitefish 45
2. Columbia Falls 46
3. Ronan 98
4. Plains 121
5. Libby 125
6. Frenchtown 126
7. Thompson Falls 135
8. Eureka 216

Boys Individual Results:

4. Jace Kalbfleisch, 11 Whitefish 16:28
5. Fischer Gangemi, 10 Whitefish 16:29
8. Keaton Grove, 9 Whitefish 17:21
13. Elias Taylor, 11 Whitefish 17:32
15. Will Holdhusen, 12 Whitefish 17:42
19. Waylon Roberts, 11 Whitefish 17:59
20. Thomas Henson, 10 Whitefish 17:59
22. Caleb Knox, 10 Whitefish 18:07
23. Tanner Brock, 11 Whitefish 18:17
28. Brandon Maassen, 10 Whitefish 18:26
33. Henry Holt, 10 Whitefish 18:42
40. Christian Newby, 9 Whitefish 18:57
47. Ian Cameron, 11 Whitefish 19:25
49. Zach Blumhardt, 11 Whitefish 20:03
56. Jon Jacobs, 11 Whitefish 20:47
57. Seth Corne, 10 Whitefish 20:59
61. Spencer Hale, 11 Whitefish 21:56
72. Austin Bouillon, 9 Whitefish 23:49

Girls Team Results:

1. Columbia Falls 28
2. Whitefish 32
3. Ronan 86
4. Frenchtown 90
Eureka no score
Plains no score
Libby no score

Individual results:

2. Nicole Brist, 12 Whitefish 19:36
4. Rebecca Holdhusen, 10 Whitefish 20:16
5. Maya Gordon, 10 Whitefish 20:23
9. Emma Marchetti, 11 Whitefish 21:02
13. Peyton Twete, 9 Whitefish 21:35
15. Torrey Coe, 10 Whitefish 21:41
16. Autumn Fisher, 11 Whitefish 21:54
20. Alyssa Griffith, 10 Whitefish 22:09
22. Andrea Lamoureux, 11 Whitefish 22:18
23. Samantha Eason, 11 Whitefish 22:34
24. Nicole Birk, 12 Whitefish 22:38
26. Ella Kobelt, 10 Whitefish 22:55
27. Claire Venery, 11 Whitefish 23:05
36. Elsa Dodds, 10 Whitefish 25:19
37. Claire Watts, 9 Whitefish 25:19
40. Kirstine Christian, 12 Whitefish 26:08
44. Alexandria Breuer, 12 Whitefish 30:13


"It's nice to run at home. Both teams ran very well today. Having a fast course and the hometown crowd helped every one of our runners to fantastic performances with both the boys and the girls today. It was a nice way to end the regular season.

Jace and Fischer both ran really well today. They give us a nice 1-2 up front, which helps us quite a bit in the team scoring. Freshman Keaton Grove ran an outstanding race. He continues to improve each race. Elias Taylor and Will Holdhusen did what they needed to do in order for us to squeak out the win today."

"I was really happy with the performances of Will Roberts, Thomas Henson and Caleb Knox, as well. Our top seven all finished under eighteen minutes for the 3 mile distance. That's where we want to be going into our championship races." "As happy as I was for our boys, I think I may have been even more impressed with our young ladies."

"Our top five runners all ran lifetime bests today. Nicole Brist did a great job up front with her second place finish. It was her first time under twenty, which is a pretty big deal for a female cross country runner. Becca Holdhusen and Maya Gordon had super races, also. They are nearing that twenty minute mark. Hopefully by State they can dip under it."

"Junior Emma Marchetti and Freshman Payten Twete ran really well to round out our top five. Payten had a fantastic race and improved her best time by nearly a minute. That is exactly what we were looking for going into the race. In our sport that number five spot is as important as our number one."

"I also was impressed by the performances of all of our young ladies today. Torrie Coe and Autumn Fisher both had fantastic finishes today, as they both ran in the 21's for the first time this season."

"I think we are ready for the Conference Championship this upcoming Saturday at the Polson Country Club. The boys run at noon and the ladies run at 12:45 PM. Both Bulldog teams won the Conference titles last season and I think they all believe that they can do it again this season. They'll need to run at their best to have a shot as both Polson and Columbia Falls have strong teams. The races could be decided by only a few points between all three teams in both races."